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  1. https://www.365astronomy.com/365astronomy-adjustable-lens-tool.html thid is what I use
  2. Hi Myles Glad you have joined at last. There is so much brilliant info on here. I will soon be back with you all . Gray
  3. Some very useful replies here, Thank you, I may well go with the 70ED and find a small guide camera for it .
  4. I do have a Skywave 70ED Scope which I could use as a guide scope, but I would prefer something lighter
  5. I have a Skywave 102ED Scope and 2 mounts, iOptron IEQ 45 and Celestron AVX Pro, What I need is a suitable Guide Scope/camera bundle to use on this set up. I have been recommended the Starwave 50mm Guide Scope & GPCAM Mono Guide Camera COMBO from Altair Astro, but the specifications say it is only good for 500mm scopes , As my Scope is 715 mm fl can anyone recommend a suitable guide scope /camera combo for my set up. UK Markets only of course Thanks in anticipation
  6. This is an extract from the AVX manual, I think this is what you require oTa orientation – Some users may wish to use an optional tandem bar adapter which allows you to attach two optical tubes to the mount at the same time When most tandem bars are attached to a mount, the optical tubes are positioned at a 90° angle from the standard con guration In order for the mount to be successfully aligned with the stars, it must know that a tandem bar is being used and in which direction the optical tube(s) are positioned (East or West) when beginning an alignment The tandem option must be set before beginning any of the initial star alignments To set this option, go to the Scope Setup menu, select the Tandem option and press ENTER Then select from one of the following options: • east – If the attached optical tubes are facing towards the east when the declination index makers are align, select East • West – If the attached optical tubes are facing towards the west when the declination index makers are align, select West • normal – If the tandem bar is no longer being used, select “normal” to turn off this feature Meridian – This feature instructs the mount on how to respond when it is slewing to objects that are accessible from both sides of the Meridian The Meridian feature allows the telescope tube to remain on a desired side of the mount when slewing, and continue to track according to the R A slew limits the user has set. See R.A. Limits below. The Meridian feature allows for four choices: • Favor current – Allows the mount to favor whatever side of the mount that it is currently on when slewing to objects close to the Meridian For example, if your R A slew limits are set to allow the mount to track 10° past the meridian, then the telescope will continue to stay on its current side of the Meridian when slewing to objects that are as far as 10° beyond your Meridian • Favor West – If the target object is accessible from both sides of the mount, selecting “Favor West” instructs the mount to point to the object as if it were on the west side of the meridian The optical tube will then be positioned on the east side of the mount and pointing west • Favor east – If the target object is accessible from both sides of the mount, selecting “Favor East” instructs the mount to point to the object as if it were on the east side of the meridian The optical tube will then be positioned on the west side of the mount and pointing east
  7. I have got filter threads in the nosepiece of my 2" diagonal, I just screw the 2" filter in there, Guaranteed not to get hit by any eyepiece.
  8. This footnote is on 365s page for the BST EPs These eyepiece are being sold under various brand names like BST Explorer, BST Starguider, Olivon, Astrotech
  9. I have given up on the Watec , and are going instead with this Mintron 72S85HP-EX Colour Astro Video Camera Kit with USB Adapter, from 365 Astronomy, Zoltan, the owner of 365 is a personal friend and the camera comes recommended by him. Unlike the Watec the Mntron is colour and quite a bit cheaper so as I already have 3 canon DSLRs , 1 Astro modded Canon 60DA , the Mintron will suit me as an entry into Video
  10. The advert gives optimum magnification as 225x and maximum magnification as 675x , that is a load of rubbish, With an 80mm scope the optimum mag is 160x in very good seeing conditions, Don't be taken in by this sort of sales hype, Suggest you try a proper astro dealer
  11. Thanks Paul, will look into that Graham
  12. I should add that with the exception of the Meade LS 8 other scopes will be on a Celestron AVW mount
  13. Having been a purely visual astronomer for some time now and wanting to get into AP, I have decided to go the video route ,,I am interested in the above camera, have read the spec, and am considering purchase, I would be using it on either Skymac 150 pro, SW Evostar 150, Mead LS 8 sct or Starwave 102ed frac, Has anyone any experience of this camera or could suggest a better buy, You're observations appreciated Gray
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