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  1. thanks guys for your advices !! u kept me from making a bad purchase Patrick... that DISFUNCION ERECTIL reducer is a very good one !!! hahaha... i even send them a message pointing the error. I think i will buy one new from ALIEXPRESS but at 106 lukitas... vives en putaendo??? que tal los cielos alla?... en santiago con la contaminacion luminica y ambiental es terrible !! regards !!!
  2. Hello friends !! Somebody is selling this CELESTRON FOCAL REDUCER 6.3 and i want it for my NEXSTAR 8". The problem is that it have many scratches... do u think that it will affect too much for AP and viewing? thanks for the help !!!
  3. Hehehehe. You are right. But i wanted to talk with all of you !!!
  4. Its the CG5 sorry. And indeed have an hibernate feature !!! Great. Thanks to all !!
  5. I really dont know if the CGE have the park feature. I will see the manual. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone. Im planning to build a pier on my backyard. Problem is that i wont have full view of sky there but its ok cosmmost important things to see are viewable. But i have a doubt about alignment. Will i need to do the two or more stars alignment everytime??? Or maybe if i never turn off the goto mount?? Problem with that is because i dont have a full view of the sky, there wont be many alignment stars available. Am i explaining good the problem? Thanks for ur help !!!
  7. Hello That Neximage is ready to catch planets and the moon so you dont need anything else. No blocker at all
  8. No ona have those pinouts and NMEA sentences??
  9. I think that silence means theres no solution for this hehehe. Thanks anyway
  10. Hello everyone I been loooking for some discussion over this but found nothing Theres is anyway to connect a Non-Celestron GPS to the CG5 ?? Any adaptor?? I dont want to buy the original GPS
  11. U r right Ronin, i wanted to say ALSO. Any idea of which cam of those four use ?
  12. Hi Guys, I want a cam for AUTOGUIDING but at the same tim use it for AP. I had read a lot of threads about this... but not really sure about what cam choose... This are the options: - QHY5L II COLOR - QHY5L II MONO - ORION STARSHOOTER COLOR - ORION STARSHOOTER MONO i had read that the COLOR ones have some problems... My scope is a 8" CELESTRON mounted in a CG5 thanks for any advise !!!
  13. Meseany... thats what i call "A PERFECT PLAN" !!!... i will do the same... thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks for all the info Jim !! I already captured the moon and some nebulaes with my Canon 1100d. But the problem is always the alignment. The tracking is not so perfect. I think i need an autoguider cam. You r right about my skies !! Pretty much clear even in winter !! Its Chile u know!!?? The country of the big observatorys !! Jejeje lucky me. Sadly, theres no much people on astronomy here since the equipment are very expensive. Ok. I will follow your advise en begin to test and test and test. Thanks again
  15. Great Dave. Really aprecciate your help. I will start to search autoguing prices
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