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  1. Thanks for all your help guys, I'll explain myself a bit better. I have quite a vast knowledge of the actual objects I'd like to image and I have basic knowledge of photography and how to use a DSLR. For example, I understand that you need quite long exposure times for the camera to actually capture the light and for this, the image has to be steady. I also know that you need processing packages to clean up the image. It's just that AP is a bit of a new area I'd like to explore and I'm just a bit unclear of the equipment needed. Thanks again.
  2. I know Canon actually has a camera out specifically for astro imaging - the 60Da. I would suggest the Canon 600D, not the 650D as it is better suited to astro imaging. Although I will always be a Canon person, I believe that Nikons have better colours, Canons seem to be slightly blue but that's nothing you can't sort in photoshop.
  3. Well, I'm a complete newbie and just have a few questions about my telescope. Firstly, how far should I be able to see with it, like should I be able to see deep space objects or just stuff inside the solar system? Also, is it possible to attach an equatorial mount to it and if so, where can I find said mount? Lastly, how do I know that the red dot thingy is actually pointing at the thing the telescope sees because I don't think that it's right. Thanks for reading.
  4. Ok, I'm a little new to this and really keen to start astro imaging. I wondered if there are any equatorial mounts out there that can be attached to a Jessop 800-80 Astronomical Telescope? I would really like to be able to get some images of nebula or galaxies for my photography book. Thanks for reading.
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    Hi, I'm Aylish and I'm new here! I have a Jessops 800-80 Astronomical Telescope and have no idea how the hell to use that thing! Like seriously, I've taken it out once since last Christmas! I have a wide knowledge of astronomy, as in space, not how to see things. However, I really want to start astrophotography and so, here I am! Any tips/pointers would be much appriciated.
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