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  1. Last night was clear skies! Took the scope outside and levelled it off and plugged the power in and left it for 30 mins to start to cool down. The moon was stunning! I used the kit 25mm and then 2x Barlow as that appeared to me at least better than the 10mm as it has such a small hole (eye relief?) To look through and I'm a glasses wearer so I couldn't get it to focus well enough. I've attached an image from hand holding my smartphone to the eye piece. Very impressed! Then, since it was so close I hopped over to Jupiter and dialed in the focus and saw vague pattern in it (dus
  2. It was my first time observing Jupiter, but I'd say so yes, very bright
  3. Hi guys, Had my first shot of using my new to me Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mak on a SynScan AZ GoTo mount. In the day light hours I alligned the finder scope but last night was the first clear night I could actually use it as intended. Being in North Scotland, the sky never really gets that dark so I do wonder if that was a hinderence. In daylight I got some nice views of the Moon using the 25mm eye piece but with the 10mm I couldn't get anything in focus. Later on, just after 10pm I lines up Jupiter and just saw a small dot of light but could just see th
  4. The Meade 90 Mak was bought in error and the nice chap cancelled the order luckily! I've the Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mak coming later this week fingers crossed.
  5. Woops. I've just purchased a Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mak on a GoTo base. I think I will give the Meade 90mm Mak a once over and sell it on and keep SW 127mm Mak!
  6. That's the eBay listing picture LukeSkyWatcher. I know you guys said to avoid eBay and I could of gotten a 150mm Dob for the price I paid for this Meade but I think or at least hope having the Go To function will ease me in a little easier and avoid a little frustration trying to find things in the Sky. It could be a hunk of junk and the mount not work, but worst case is I might be able to repair the mount or just do something with the tube. Here are the rest of the images from the listing... I hope this turns out to be a good starter scope and in the months coming (besi
  7. I've decided on a Mak... In the way of a Meade ETX 90 EC. Fingers crossed it's a good place to start!
  8. Thanks for all great in valuable feedback. I might have to have a re think taking onboard what has been said. How come the EQ mounts are a nightmare compared to Alt Az? Forgive my newbie question! Surely once alligned an EQ mount with slow motion controls should be easier to track an object versus a Alt Az? Is eBay not recommended due to potential problems with complex instruments that I wouldn't be aware of or know how to fix? It's just I can potentially get much larger aperture and possibly go to within budget. Around 130-150mm. If I buy new I'm 'only' looking a
  9. Thanks guys, I would like do some simple imaging with my smart phone but nothing serious as I appreciate it's an expensive route to get decent results. At the moment I just want to get a setup and start visually observing and learning before investing lots of money into the imaging side of things.
  10. Hi there, I have come across this site a few times while researching about some scopes on eBay. I have recently started to get interested in Astronomy. My father use to have Russian made one many years ago that we observed the moon in. Now my sister has got a nice Sky-Watcher 130mm and I'm desperately wanting to join the fun and view the moon and Jupiter along with other planets. I'd quite like to take photos, Astrophotography but appreciate id need to spend considerably more on the mount and scope along with a DSLR! Offering up my smart phone will do for now though.
  11. Wow, so much information. It is mind boggling! Sub Dwarf, You mention the 150P, but ive come across the 200P on an EQ5 but its cheaper than the 150p on a EQ3? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-eq5.html But you mention to avoid the f5 type as its more fiddly? Super confused!
  12. Hello, I am unsure if this is based in the US or UK or where the majority of its member are so just in case, I am in the UK! A little bit of background, my wife and I are looking at getting our first telescope. My father used to have a 5-6" Reflector Tasco telescope when I was growing up, I was around 12-13 so did not really appreciate what I was seeing and my father didn’t use it much and it never sore the outside, was always used inside shooting through glass. I think it had an EQ mount and I never understood the wheels and weights on that thing! We live in a very street lit area and suffer
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