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  1. Please help . How does stacking multiple groups ( different nights ) work ? How does DSS handle this and is it beneficial to the final image ? Sometime when I stack groups from different nights , when my framing has been slightly different each night , the stars streak in one corner of the final stack ?
  2. I just don't think the camera is tough enough for astrophotography. It should have been put into a magnesium body. It's an amateur camera , being used "professionally " , high usuage under extreme temp conditions. Needed to be a 7da or better.
  3. My 60da also just died after about a year of use. $600 to repair. Going to sell it and buy a celestron nightscape OSC. Used one before , not too bad a camera. I don't think the 60da is robust enough for astrophography.
  4. My Canon EOS60Da just stopped working, so now I have to use my Nikon D300 till the 60Da gets fixed. Does anyone have any experince using one, and any tips or tricks for me please ? Has anyone used a D300 with MaximDL ?
  5. Thanks all for the info , think I will try with a 12 first.
  6. Thanks for info swag72.
  7. Last night I shot some subs using a 400mm F5.6 lens. I want to shoot same subjects tonight , but with lens closed one stop to introduce difraction spikes. Can I use same flat fields for both differant f-stop sets ?
  8. I have a EOS60Da and Meade 115mm Refractor. I just purchased an astrronomik CLS clip filter, which works great. I am thinking of getting a Ha filter for photography under bright moon. Please can someone give me some advice as to whether I should get the 12nm or 6nm Ha filter ?
  9. Thanks for the warning , how should I reprocess them ? If I do A4 prints beforehand , will it give me an idea of how they will come out , or because the size is much smaller it won't represent the much bigger size accurately ?
  10. I have always dreamed about having wall sized astro prints. So I decided to go back now and re-image some classics. Here are the JPEG images of the two files. Originals are M20 - 28MB and C92 - 98MB file sizes. I am going to print them A0 and see how they come out. I have clipped the black levels for a more dramatic effect. Both shot over last three days with 3/4 moon from the suburbs. Meade 115mm Refractor EOS60Da + Astronomik clip filter 50 x 300s subs 400ISO Darks, Flats and Bias frames. Star spikes added for effect Thanks for looking, comments appreciated.
  11. Also , would using an oIII filter for the same duration as a CLS filter have any advantages ( excluding moon factor ) ?
  12. Will using an astronomic CLS EOS clip in filter help while imaging with a full moon ?
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