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  1. I can't believe I'm still responding to this but something doesn't feel right. I've asked the photo of the optics thinking I might need it if I ever need to open a dispute with paypal and just to double check. It is true, you could have lied to me and send me wrong photos or even shipped me an empty box. But at least I would have documented the item's condition and compare it with what I've received. I just wanted peace of mind and had a very simple request. So I've written; "Can you send photos of the optics/glass elements?" And you have posted a photo, you didn't say no I can't do it or no I don't need it because the item is brand new. Why haven't you said these things before then? Why post the weird photo? After you've posted the photo above I got suspicious. Who would send the photo of the clouds through the optics instead of the glass itself for god's sake? I mean I could have also asked the astro images you have taken with it but you've said it is unused so I haven't. Then I've checked your older posts (which you have a lot and it is a positive thing) and saw that you have several posts complaining about fungus on optics which I have never thought about till that point. Where I live doesn't really have much humidity. So I asked "I was thinking more like this shot to see if there is any crack/scratch/fungus on the glass. Just to have peace of mind. About reflections; you can take couple shots from different angles.". Then you've got "offended" and wrote the stuff above. I don't have to believe anyone's word just because they are SGL members, and I've seen the post you've written where you stated an SGL member ripped you off before. Still I'm not sure if anything is wrong with the flattener, maybe I'm being paranoid. But why not post an easy photo that you can take with your smartphone in a matter of seconds and remove all my suspicions. I could have already purchased the damn thing by now and you would have shipped it tomorrow... and instead I'm losing sleep over £50 I've never spent and finally even the TOS of SGL says no PM for trading, you could have told me that beforehand in a message instead of just writing here and not informing me that you have responded! not cool.
  2. you don't have to take this personal, and I don't think I've had an unacceptable request. I don't know you enough to have any trust or distrust, I'm just trying not to buy a lemon. Something being brand new doesn't change the fact that it could be a lemon either. I bought brand new stuff from astro retailers before which were bad out of the box. I buy and sell lots of stuff online and I have never ever offended anyone before just by asking for some simple additional photos of the item itself. and why you are answering my PMs here is also beyond my understanding ?
  3. :) I haven't used them that much though maybe for couple nights. They give me way too much resolution and didn't fix the jumping steps problem, so I realize I can use the 1.8 degree ones that I already have with the fast decay mod to the drivers. I have spent quite some time to research for those motors, 0.9 degree steppers aren't easy to find. So it was a bit dissappointing at the end. Thankfully they found a new home and you seem to be happy :) The worst beating I have given was to a smaller nema 14 motor which now works perfectly as a focuser motor. If I've done similar stuff to a dc motor it would have ended up in the junk yard.
  4. I would suggest you to use cpu thermal grease which is removable and much more effective, don't put anything permanently. Drivers would turn themselves off if they overheat so don't worry them getting warm but try to cool them of course. Especially with higher current motors. Same applies to stepper motors, they can also get quite warm but that's ok. The weird noises too One great thing about stepper motors is that they are very robust.
  5. hehe I have destroyed couple drivers myself before learning how sensitive the potentiometer is. It seems tricky but you get used to it. It is also suggested to use a screw driver with a plastic handle, but I don't have one. Mine also can't get past 600x sidereal. I actually wrote to Tom about it asking to increase step size to full step for fast slew but he said it was too hard to change. So if you use 1/32 micro step for tracking, I guess it uses 1/4 step for fast slew. Which causes torque loss. Though Tom said it wasn't too much of a loss, I think it might increase the slew speed a bit.
  6. Hi Ady, SGP has more features and as you said preferred by CCD imagers. I have never used it, maybe because APT has been more than enough for me, or I have been too cheap to buy the SGP :p But APT works great with EQMOD and Astrotortilla for plate solving. And it is definitely better than Backyardeos. I've also made an arduino based focuser(myfocuserpro) and it works great with APT. Autofocus is a hit and miss though. Maybe I've been doing something wrong.
  7. StarGuider 2" Field Flattener with extension rings. It is exactly the same field flattener as the TS 2" Field Flattener or the Omegon 2" Field Flattener. I have used it with a TS 80mm f/6 FPL-53 Triplet APO scope and I'm attaching a sample image that I've taken with this combo. It doesn't change the original focal length of the scope. It should work with apo refractors from f4 to f9. It is in perfect condition with the box it came in. Flattener has M48x0.75 thread on the front and on the back. The extension is 53mm long and has M42x0.75 thread on the back. I'm asking for £115 including registered shipping from Turkey. It should take 1-2 weeks to arrive.
  8. and this the other good image I was able to get that night. I don't know why but just before the moon was totally eclipsed, photos showed a lot of purple/magenta color.
  9. I didn't have much time to try different exposure times, etc. due to bad weather but I was very surprised to see that many stars in such short exposure. I also wanted to take a video and stack it but didn't had the chance.
  10. Single frame from the 27.07.2018 total eclipse.
  11. Btw everything you ship abroad with airmail is x-rayed because it is taken onto a plane.
  12. I have already shipped motors, pulleys and belts to Ady and he has received them in 10 days. To be honest I didn't understand what you've meant by "RDF" or Turkey being stable. People have stores in Amazon or other online e-commerce websites and ship stuff from Turkey all the time. I was a bit worried about writing something wrong on the customs declaration but that wasn't also an issue. Later I've checked this website and see that I did it correct; https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad
  13. I have several parts, motors, and an arduino based AstroEQ controller that I don't use and maybe they could be useful to someone else. Btw I currently live in Turkey and I will ship everything with registered post from here. It should take approximately 2-3 weeks to reach to UK or other parts of Europe. I can accept payments from Paypal and also UK bank transfer. First, I have the arduino based controller. I have put it in a plastic project box. Pretty much everything is connected by jumper cables and the stepper drivers are on a breadbox. So it would be possible to change the casing or the individual parts rather easily. The DRV8825 stepper drivers are fast decay modded so they won't jump steps with lower voltage motors. I have installed the latest firmware that Tom has put on the website. If you want I can also adjust the voltage on the drivers before shipping depending on your setup. I'm asking £20 for it and £7 for shipping. Next I have two nema17 0.9 degree 6V 0.8A steppers. I have attached RJ11 female jacks for connectivity. £15 each and £7 for shipping. Both of them are sold. I also have a Nema14 1.8 degree 4.6V 0.8A stepper. Again I have put a RJ11 female jack. Price £10 and £5 for shipping. I've two handmade motor brackets for EQ5 (or equivalent) mounts. One for Nema 14 motors and the other for nema17. I have used the nema17 for RA and Nema14 for DEC. I'm asking £7 each and £5 for shipping. I have GT2 pulleys and belts. Two 40teeth and two 16teeth. 40s are bored to 6mm and 16s are 5mm, so they will fit the EQ5 worm and the stepper motor shafts. That would make a gear ratio of 2.5. I've included two GT2 140mm belts, which worked with my setup by adjusting the space a bit. I'm not willing to split this as the shipping cost would be more than the parts. As a whole I'm asking for £15 and £5 for shipping. Sold Finally, I two 2 meter cables with RJ11 jacks. From my experience when the standard thin phone cables are too long sometimes the motors don't function properly. Hence, I've used ticker cables with these connectors. £10 for total of two cables. £5 for shipping. If I ship multiple items together it will be cheaper. I'm also open to offers. And please ask me if you need more info.
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