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  1. http://www.sekas.co.uk/SEKAS/light_pollution.html This is also a useful source of info with some local results to show what can be done
  2. Some members in a local astro club have managed to get some success by chasing the local council about light pollution. This resulted in lights being turned off after midnight in a local warehouse area & shields being put around nuisance street lights. On the other hand a member has sold all his gear due to light pollution & just does photography now. Look at the Campaign for Dark Skies site as this tells you how to deal with this in a proper manner
  3. Chemistry & an understanding of it is essential with star energy/fusion & creation of all other elements after Iron
  4. Great SGL username as will only last to 2036? whwn apophis will hit. Welcome
  5. A quality zoom can replace 4 or 5 eps and even a barlow
  6. Greetings from England and another Dutch friend
  7. Nice to see others from different places. welcome
  8. Eye relief may be a factor and also orthos, erfles, naglers etc have more elements/groups than plossls, but I am no expert so take this with a pinch of salt (mods please note)
  9. It might have been some SGL mods burning up on re-entry as they are not happy tonight with me
  10. Excellent spot. Fill out a fireball report on the Society for popular astronomy website in the meteor section. You may find others have seen it from elsewhere so a track can be calculated via triangulation. I did this in 2011 when i saw a fireball and was substantiated by others elsewhere in UK stu
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