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  1. Forgot the link xD https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7sl1ps6gfwa6od/IMG_5076.CR2
  2. Here is a 15min. ISO 200 RAW-File... ambient was -15 Cheers, Simon
  3. I used Theli for stacking and PixInsight for the entire editing
  4. Thanks, I'm very pleased so many of you like it! Cheers, Simon
  5. Hi Harry! Thanks for your compliment! Your Tutorials got me into PixInsight about 8 months ago Cheers, Simon
  6. Fellow Stargazers, I haven't posted here for a long time since I usually use german or austrian platforms to publish my images. My newest image showing M81 and M82 is different from all the others i took in the past, because I went for a really long exposure time. So the image below is a composition of 52 subs at 15min. and 11 subs at 20min. A DSLR can be a really powerful astrocamera if you are patient and consequent. We did not have clear skies most of the time so it took me almost 2 months to collect those photons. Then, about 2 weeks ago I started stacking and processing. It was my intenti
  7. I thank you all so much! I will continue taking photos with all my passion I really love astronomy! Cs, Simon
  8. Thanks for all your compliments! I must correct something: I took no darks but flats... wrote that wrong Cs, Simon
  9. Hello stargazers! After having huge problems with my Autoguider caused by Finder-Scope drifts, Wolfgang Ransburg from Teleskop-Service recommended to use an Off-Axis Guider instead of the Finder Scope. First I wasn't sure whether that would work any better, but it did. Because of remarkably longer exposures (over 15min.) I can now minimize the ISO which results in lower noise. For Messier 33 I collected more photons than I ever did before. I got almost 8 hours of exposure time, gathered over 3 nights. Pity the moon was there... I expected the processing to be fairly easy, but it took me severa
  10. OK - here is my advise: 6" f/5 Newton on HEQ-5 Thats perfect for getting into photography and gives you the possibility to extend later with an Autoguider. There is no point in buying equipment under 500 dollars (for photography). Better save your money and wait! Cheers, Simon
  11. Thanks for all of your compliments! I'm very pleased Hello Luis, nice to hear from you here! Yes, I will definitely stick to a lower ISO, but I probably not go further down. Yes, I'm using the OAG9 of Teleskop-Service. Good luck with your Peltiercooling. Camera is an unmodified 550D - processed with PixInsight Cs, Simon
  12. Hello people, I visited the ITT 2012 at Emberger Alm and met some really nice astronomers there. In addition to that i switched to Off-Axis Guiding, which improved my Guiding perfomance dramatically. One of the cables of my MGEN Autoguider broke, so I was not able to use the Dithering-function. Here you go, I hope you like it anyway: NGC_891 - ITT 2012 von Betelgeuse93 auf Flickr CS, Simon 11x12min. - ISO 200 Half moon
  13. As you can see on this picture, I had distorted stars because of primary mirror pinching...
  14. Originally my Newton was an Altair Optics Imaging Newtonian. I had a lot of problems with collimation so I built in a Orion UK primary mirror cell and in addition to that a new secondary mirror (Orion UK 74mm) for better field illumination. If I bought a new Newton, i would not go for cheap makes again. Bad workmanship can be a pain in the ass. Thanks for your nice response though
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