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  1. hello i am looking forward to buy Narrow-band filters for my qhy9s-m i have already got a baader Ha- 7mn in my filter wheel , and i would like to have a feedback before i go to buy the filter from members who have experience with the baader narrow band filter ,, please note that i will use it to escape from the light pollution (red zone) waiting for you feedback sam
  2. what about the Critical Focus Zone , any more info on that wit focuses ????
  3. thank you for the link i download the Robert Browns manual, in the it you need to know what is the Critical Focus Zone for the telescope ,( what is CFZ for lunt 80mm ED) i do not know , the step size for motor what do think to use with lunt 80mm ED)
  4. what wight of the you camera and do think the 28BYJ-48 will handle the qhy9m with qhy filter wheel with TRF-2008 wight
  5. the a question now about the stepper motor ??? my ccd camera , filter wheel and the TRF-2008 Focal Reducer the Weight Almost 1.7kg , any Recommends on the type and step size to use with the lunt 80mm ed @ f/5.6
  6. Hello i would like to make Project for Arduino ASCOM Focuser , but i do not have any background in electronics or arduino , what is the easy Option for building arduion ascom focuser??? a guide to do my Arduino Project will by on the Lunt 80 ED & GSO 200MM f/5,any idea how to start up and what do i need to have of list items (Arduino Board type , stepper motor , motor diver ) . regards sam
  7. when i strip down the Dec axis I did scratch the DEC axis crown housing from inside and i have one hit ring gear drum, i have big scratch do you think that is reason for stiff !!!!!???!!!!!! ,how do i know ???? and what should i do to fix it ?? you can see black scratch in crown housing from inside
  8. Hi I tryout loos the grub but no good , win I do strip down the Dec axis I have scratch the DEC crown housing from inside, do think from it or do think that upper shim
  9. I did rebuild because I have lot of backlash in my RA Axis & DEC axis, I think is the time for strip down and new SFK bearing for it with belt mode to,
  10. Hi after i did rebuild to my NEQ6 I NOTE that the Dec axis is stiff , i did re-grease all the mount with white lithium grease but the dec Axis is hard win i rout it out!!! , any Suggestions what is the Issue and how to fix it ?? waiting for any Suggestions sam
  11. hi i am thinking to add a auto focusing system on my new Lunt Engineering 80mm f/7 ED Double , i would use it with ASCOM and SGP Software, any advise on what brand will fit and work In a great way with ascom and SGP Regards sam
  12. Hi all I am writing to you to get help with Diagnosis an issue with my NEQ6 mount, the NEQ6 mount is 3 year old and I start having some Problem with tracking & guiding from last Season. I do know that eq6 have some backlash in RA & DEC axis , but although I can Achieves 5 min subframe easy. Last night the PHD2 start showing the below pop-up message: I begin getting issue with tracking & guiding in phd 2,there was a large backlash in Dec axis, and phd2 was trying to lock on star but , the DEC graph was jumping from side to another side each time the phd correction the de
  13. hi i am looking for same parts for my neq6 3 yeas old , the part is : RA & DEC clutch locking bolt & bolt Screw ( i Loss it in Strip Down ) motor worm-gear ( Damage ) RA & DEC stepper motors please help me where can i find the parts?? best regards sam
  14. i am between two: 1-Astro-Tech AT72ED 72mm f/6 ED doublet 2-Lunt Engineering 80mm f/7 ED Doublet any suggestions or recommending ????!!!
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