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  1. I too fly rc helicopters and on my Skywatcher 127 Mak ,I'm using a 4s lipo of 8000mah capacity,get roughly 6 hrs continuous use before I have to recharge.. If you want to monitor lipo useage,get either a Whatt Meter or a power meter for a electric bicycle- run it inline and problem solved.
  2. Welcome to the forum and happy viewing with your new scope !
  3. Found the best site without traveling huge distances is Ruislip Lido ,Ruislip Hillingdon.. a truly dark site and easy to get too- roughly 10mins walk from the car park and you would struggle to see your hands!!.. For personal safety reasons, I only go with a group of like minded individuals as it has a reputation for certain sections of our society who "like to play games" after dark,,,,,,...
  4. Brilliant review there and like most,i thoroughly endorse the BST Starguider- work extremely well on the 200P and seems to also work well with the SW 127 Mak,but and its only a personal thing,I found that the 25mm gives a slightly softer view-especially towards the edges, noticeably more in the 127,,,otherwise,top product and highly recommended for the price.
  5. Thats what I use also- 4s 5000mah Turnigy 20C ,lasts like forever and seem more resistant to cold weather than lead acid batteries- the voltage at peak is about 16.8V but both the Meade and Skywatcher electronics cope ok with that.. Will add that these are over 2 yrs old-used them in rc helicopters/planes -provided you know how to charge and look after lipo's,they can reward a long life..
  6. Last night at just after midnight was my first viewing of Saturn :grin: ,, was seriously tempted to wake up my wife,who has a slight interest in stargazing but I don't think I could live with the consequences of that !!!! Totally amazing.
  7. I can now have a well earned drink,,, Finally seen Saturn in all its glory and it was worth it !!,, Had both scopes out cooling (synscan 127 and SW 200p) and equipped with iPhone planet finder app,found it in seconds! ,,elevation compared to previous night was a lot higher -about 20 degrees and it was clear of all the houses ,so had the most amazing view- even with binoculars skymaster 15x70 mounted on a tripod,you couldn't mistake that shape,, Then tried first the SW 200p and BST 18mm- absolutely beautiful,completely takes your breath away when you realise you are actually looking at another planet- with the 127 mak and same eyepiece,the view was pretty much the same except it was a tad sharper and the gap between the rings and the planet a little bit more defined, I'm guessing that better views could be had if I moved away from city lights and my back garden to a truly dark site and to be honest, my eyes hadn't really adapted properly as I was only outside for 10 mins but, I'm well pleased with tonight's result...
  8. Well done, Great when it all comes together!! As for what next- its whatever you decide .
  9. Tried to see Saturn but its too low down plus I've got several houses in the way !! Going to have to rethink this better as I still haven't seen Saturn ,,,,
  10. Yeah, nice when it all comes together!! Tried to see Saturn last night ,scope ready in the garage-got the iphone out and clocked its position but then the clouds rolled in,,,arrrgh!! ,, Maybe later,,
  11. Another vote for the BST !, on recommendation from this forum,got the 8mm 18mm and 25mm- being parfocal I can swap lenses without drastic refocusing and the 200P seems perfectly matched with these lenses- am looking forward to getting a better quality barlow though as the one supplied with the 200P I feel is the weak link.
  12. Simple answer is that some people get caught up in the bidding and want to win regardless of the cost,, I'm embarrassed to say that I've sold items on ebay over the last 8 years-that definitely went far beyond what I would have paid
  13. Blimey, reading this almost wants to make me give up !!, Scary stuff indeed......
  14. Sounds like it was worth it in the end for you- congrats !!! Got the 200p in the garage cooling down so hoping for at least a 15mins session tonight- no clouds so far
  15. Love my mak 127 but definitely have to allow for cool down time- find with the higher power lenses that it can take up to 90 mins before images are stable
  16. Had to call time at 00.43am as it was too cold - I suffer really badly with numb fingers and joints,,, been getting used to the 200P and remembering the tips regarding the soft adjustment bolts and just basically finding targets in the night sky. Never seen Saturn so hopefully will be able to see it sometime this year !!
  17. My thoughts exactly !! Freezing and cold but the last 45 mins has all been worth it Used the BST 18mm with the 200P - massive change from the 127, fov is much wider and double stars seem to be everywhere, think I clocked a shooting star as well !! Roll on more clear nights.
  18. Hello and welcome to SGL- Nice avatar pic !!
  19. spektrumdx8

    new member

    greetings and welcome to SGL
  20. Nice find there mate !! Noticed on one of the scope rings on the 200p has a camera mount fitted- might give it a try tonight.
  21. Managed to see it with the 200p- amazing !! - Skyorb on the iphone was pretty accurate regarding its trajectory ,so sat and froze until whoosh - now you see-it, now you don't. All over rather quickly but worth it in the end.
  22. To say that I'm blown away by the amazing service from FLO is a understatement- got in from work at 4pm today and there's 2 massive boxes in the passage !! Now for a cup of tea then unpacking,, its like Christmas again :grin: Thanks again FLO !!!
  23. Nice work there- stuff I can only dream of doing !
  24. Brilliant, thanks for that,, really looking forward to using this scope, got email that it will be here sometime Wednesday .. On laser collimation, I've got the next generation model(that's the box description!) the meade 4504 took all of 2 mins to adjust perfectly, yet the miraceti, which i really think is very closely related to Seben scopes - arrrrgh !! - seemed like ages before I could get it even close...
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