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  1. Thanks for the response's guys, I think the Dob might be the best bet (the price range is slightly lower now £130ish). I think he'll be fine for storage and access to the garden ect and a goto would be out of price range. I'm just not sure if he would prefer a Dob or mounted scope. Another option is http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-skyhawk-1145p.html.
  2. Hello all, I've recently been asked to give advice on a first scope for my brother in law, as a christmas present off his mam and dad. The problem is i bought the celestron powerseeker 127eq as my first scope and i'm still a complete novice so i don't think i'm the best person to be giving out advice atm. With a budget of £160 i've picked out a few from FLO, but was hoping you guys n girls could help me out? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/startravel/skywatcher-startravel-80-eq1.html http://www.firstlightoptics.com/evostar/skywatcher-evostar-90-eq2.html http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-130.html I was thinking the evostar 90 might be the best bet? I heard that you get more apperture for your money with reflectors but at least with the evostar he won't have to worry about collimation. What do you think? Thank you in advance. James
  3. Hello, I'm considering getting this binocular starter kit http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/binoculars-for-astronomy/praktica10x50/starter-kit.html and was just wondering if you guys n girls would recommend them? If not, i noticed in an earlier thread that the Meade 10/50 were quite popular and a similar price so i could go for them if the praktica's aren't up to much. thanks James
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, i think i'll go for the vixen NPL range. After reading the thread about EP's by Warthog, i've decided to get a 6mm as my high power EP then eventually i'll look to getting a 10 and 25mm. Thanks again James
  5. Hello guys, just a quick question. Would you recommend the skywatcher eyepieces? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-eyepieces/skywatcher-sp-plossl-eyepieces.html There quite cheap meaning i could get two, or would you recommend buying one better quality EP of another brand? Thanks in advance James
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I have stellarium and am learning the rough direction of objects quite well, the only problem being that the finder scope that came with my scope isn't much cop, i got the celestron powerseeker 127 eq. Anyway, just been out with it and viewed the hercules cluster again and seemed brighter, also viewed alberio which is very nice, also had a look at the ring nebula and i'm sure i could make it out as a ring. Pretty sure i found m56 cluster too but it was very dim. If these clear skies keep up, i think lack off sleep might become an issue Thanks James
  7. Hello Fellas, So i've had my scope a month now and i'm starting to find my way around it and the stars, finally! Anyway, i've had fairly clear skies the last couple of nights so i've been out in the yard trying to catch a glimpse of something 'exotic'! First up I had a look at the mizar double star and could clearly make out the mizar double, alcor and a fourth star too. My wife seemed a little underwhelmed when i showed her but i was quite chuffed with my find. Next up i really wanted to see a galaxy, now i know i wont be able to see hubble like images but was hoping to see an image like the book 'turn left at orion' shows, but sadly after searching for m109 and m51 i couldn't find them. I found small pin pricks of light but they looked more like stars. Would i be better off trying to find andromeda? Lastly i decided to try and find the hercules cluster, after a little searching i came across a small grey fuzzy patch of light. With higher magnification the grey patch became larger but i couldn't make out and individual stars. I'm fairly certain i was in the right area but do you guys think it was the star cluster? Thanks James
  8. Anything that can help me further my limited astronomy knowledge really? I'll check star walk out now thanks.
  9. Alright fella's, I was wondering if any of you guys could suggest any good books, software and phone/tablet apps? I have Skyeye, Astro panel and Google Sky map apps on my phone, which i find quite useful. I also have stellarium and The SkyX software on my pc and the book 'turn left at orion' on the way. Thanks.
  10. I've only just joined SGL but I'd like to say that you have a great site here, very friendly and helpful community and a lot of very helpful info. Keep up the good work.
  11. Thanks for the welcome again fellas. Ordered myself 'turn left at orion' today and hoping for clear sky's soon to get the scope out!
  12. Alright mate. Yeah I found the cockermouth club on the web, it will be a while before i venture to a club though, i want to find my way around a scope and the sky first. I got myself the celestron powerseeker 127eq a few week ago, i wish i'd joined this froum first though as i would have ended up with something better from the sponser site FLO. But never mind, it will do me for learning on.
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