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  1. Some of the mounts are not available but even so there is a good choice. I was impressed with the DSV-3 but with delivery ,import tax and VAT probably not much short of £1000 ,its out of my league. Has anyone got any experience of the Altair Sabre. It looks solid plus a counter balance arm/weight is available. thanks, Tony
  2. thanks to you all for your suggestions .I didn,t realise that there is such choice. I,m sorry that I should have specified which scopes I may use. Williams FLT 132 Tak 60 Vixen 102 ED With the distance from the axis point to the clamp being identical ,does that pose a problem with balance if using a 60mm at one side and the 132 at the other. I haven,t had a chance yet to check each mount out,that have been suggested and I now realise that the prices will be quite varied and eye watering. Tony
  3. I,m looking to use two refractors for Lunar/planetary viewing and wondered what alt-az mount would suit best. I,ve already got a spare sturdy tripod with a 3/8 bolt. I do,nt know the total weight but the scopes would be in the range of 60-130mm + diagonals and eye piece objectives. thanks, Tony
  4. No, I meant to disconnect it before using. I havent come across USB to ethernet adaptors,I, ll look into their use Derek. Tony
  5. thanks for the info.My last attempt is by trying a better cable and if neccesary,another webcam.I was wondering whether the fan in the opticstar camera.dropped the voltage and maybe diconnecting it to conserve power enough to keep the signal level up. Tony
  6. I,m sure you,re correct Chris in so much as longer length of cable must affect data speed of transmission but I wouldn,t have thought that the actual data would be corrupted or lost.I don't know of a test that could be applied easily to prove it or not.The same cables work fine on an ATIK 383L when imaging.
  7. thanks to everone for the input If I do come up with a solution Derek,I,ll let you know. My next step is to obtain a Lindy or Belkin active USB cable and try it again.If that doesn,t work I will maybe borrow another webcam and swop it over to test. Tony
  8. I forgot to mention that I,m using an i3 desktop PC to run the webcam Tony
  9. Thanks for the replies.The cables I,m using are generic ones but they work fine on an ATIK 383L and a QHY5.Whether Belkin or Lindy types would improve the signal back to the PC would be a possible cure for the problem.I see that some of the longer length cables come with their own PSU.I now have tried using a powered USB2 hub at first the PC end then the scope end of the cable to try to boost the signal into the PC with the end result being failure once again.Its frustrating trying to get this webcam to operate correctly. Tony
  10. Hi, Ive beentrying to get an Opticstar 131 to function over a 20 meter active USB lead.The computer sees the device when I plug it in but it will not show a liveview neither will it capture frames.I,ve tried on another 20 meter active USB lead with the same result.Plugging the camera directly in to the PC and it works fine.Is the cable length too long or is it the type of webcam.Any advice would be welcome Tony
  11. Thanks for the advice.I was considering the 1100D as I,ve seen some of the results and as you said it has live - view The Baader UV-R filter probably wouldn't be needed as this camera would only be used for astro work.Are these bodies SD card storage or Compact flash? Tony
  12. I,m contemplating using a modified DSLR for wide-field imaging.If anyone could give me their choice of Canon body to have modified and why they think their DSLR gives the best image data,it would help me decide.Chip size,pixel count/size etc are the important factors I,ll need to work out so it will perform well with refractors in the range of 60mm to 102ish thanks Tony
  13. Hi Dave, Thanks for info on the ready made alternative.I,ve looked on Ian King,s site and read the spec.This unit has the advantage of a digital readout of focusser position etc.It,s just a case of cost against time to build a D-I-Y unit.Either way,a big improvement on manual focussing. many thanks Tony
  14. Hi Nigel, Thanks for the details.I,ll get myself in gear then and get the components ordered and make a start. hope it turns out ok but seeing the video etc ,it appears to be a project within the capabilities of someone who has used a soldering iron before.Cheers
  15. Thanks Nigel.That looks a really usefull unit.I,ll try to Email, to find his source of supply.If I can get the components I,ll have to get the old soldering iron out and see how I get on. Tony
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