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  1. Hey Richard, Yeah the red dot is taking a little getting used to. I seemed to do better with my own eye. But to use the computer part of the scope, It says youhave to line it up hit enter, then line it up in the eypiece and hit align. I do all that, but it never seems to find other things I ask it to go to haha
  2. WOW!!!! Thank you all so much for your nice replies, I am going to love this site. I honestly was expecting one a** reply haha. Naw Honest I really appreciate all the adivice that I was given. I will def order that book you are all talking about. As for discovering the sky own my on, I will def tell you this. I was amazed and excited when I saw Saturn and its rings. I felt like a little kid again learning for the first time. The other thing that amazed me was the speed at which everything is moving at. I noticed the moon at 9:30 so I got my Scope out for the first time and bythe time 10:45 came around where I live NC, it had went down behind some trees, makes you realize You are not just sitting still. The barrel of My eye Piece is 1.25inces.. this is the one I have http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/681810-REG/Celestron_22050_60LCM_Computerized_Telescope.html I just want to thank all of you again and look forward to learning more from all of you. Honestly I am so new at this I do not know some of the wording you are all using about different things in the sky, but I know all I have to do is search and will figure it out.
  3. hahahah this was a dang good read, I did find myself getting frustrated last night, but it makes perfect sense that I am supposed to be having fun and looking at anything in the night sky is better than not looking at all, heck I saw saturn for the first time not in a book..
  4. Hello, First off I want to thank you all for having this site and for helping everyone who wants to have some success and enjoyment at star gazing. I was given a basic Telescope for Fathers day (CELESTRON 60 LCM). I for the first time last night was able to view the moon and actually saw Saturn and its rings, It was very small as I am using the stock eyepiece (9mm). I have to say though, once I saw that I kinda got hooked. There a a few quick questions off the bat I want to ask and I am sure I will be back for more haha. 1) With this Telescope (being all stock) , I know by adding a different eyepiece, maybe more quality and or stronger power, Saturn will be bigger and vivid ( at least I am hoping) I guess I am curious as to what things I will actually be able to make out clearly? 2) what type of eyepieces do you recommend for the best viewing for this telescope? 3) the software “The Sky” X that comes with it, is it able to allow me to plug my computer in the telescope with it and use it to find things, if not what software would I need? 4) The red dot finder scope, Ok am I supposed to put my eye right up on this thing or stand back or what, I mean The red dot seems like it moves all over the place when I move my head at different angles. I am going to try align it again this afternoon so maybe that will help, But it just seems like you would want to be looking through it the same way each time 5) any helpful advice on this telescope would be of great help. I read the manual, but it really isn't clear on exactly what to do to really get the best enjoyment out of the scope. I just want to feel comfortable with this Telescope and I want to be able to show my young daughter these wonderful things. Thank you in advance for any and all advice you are able to give me. I know any of it will be a huge help to someone that knows nothing about this at the moment. Andy
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