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  1. Very easy to say , not so easy to find one that is suitable for our needs , unless you can offer an alternative ?
  2. About the same distance as Kelling , I would guess with better train links.
  3. Go to bed early , set the alarm for 2am and treat your self to better views as the atmosphere becomes more stable Or if it's cloudy get back into bed , every ones a winner
  4. There is always SGL's own starparty just outside Hereford
  5. A Hardware store would be my first port of call.
  6. In that case only 4% of the viewers are actually bothered enough to do anything about it Pretty saddening really given the exposure it has had in the media , I can't say I wouldnt be surprised if it was cancelled given the strength of public reaction
  7. I wonder how many of the 40,000 actually watch S@N ?
  8. When I went to a local one in Kent before we moved to Devon I felt very much the outsider. It seemed to me that unless you hadn't made your own scope / ground you own mirror and had a penchant for wooly jumpers with patches on the arms you were not considered a " proper " Astronomer. Gawd knows what they must of thought about my SCT on a Goto mount !!!! , it must of been an instrument of Beelzebub Shortly after I found SGL So no I'm afraid societies are not for me
  9. Are you implying that SPM is the creator ???
  10. Well that's S@N well and truly consigned to history then.
  11. I live in a fairly dark place( can't see your hand in front of your face at times ) But my grandmothers village in Southern Poland up in the mountains or the beach on the resort island in the Maldives were both notable with stunning views when the skies were clear
  12. Shot in the foot though as anybody searching will reveal this thread along with the suggested price range .....
  13. Your supplying Retailer would be my first port of call
  14. Normally the second hand market fills out around the start of summer as people start thinking of the coming autumn / winter New prices tend to be fairly stable due to the fact most of the retailers operate online and there are not huge margins to play with
  15. Just a note of caution.... I would think carefully at what your expectations are when looking through the scope , alot of people purchase scopes thinking that they can see the universe in full colour and at huge magnifications that you see in the images that are produced. Sadly they find out that this is not the case . The place you plan to observe from can also have a huge impact on what you can see. Scopes come in all shapes and sizes and can be fairly heavy to transport , consider this before buying your first scope or it will very quickly start to gather dust
  16. Put simply even with it's issues its 100% better than the rest of the tripe ( read cooking / reality / celebrity shows ) forced upon us My kids like his program's and maybe that's the point , it's meant to introduce people to the subject rather than preach to the converted.
  17. No but a Mod will be able to make the changes as i have.
  18. Both adverts were shown as "Closed" , im not sure who actioned this but i have opened them again (can you see them now ?) To remove people from your Ignore list you will have to do this from your "My Settings" section of your Control Panel HTH
  19. Similar views here , the trouble is that you can start taking it for granted......
  20. I can't see it being any worse that driving down any side road in the UK to be honest. The suspension of the car will absorb a fair bit
  21. Set your alarm for 4am and you can get your fix now
  22. Early morning , gotta get up for work and the air is always better than in the evening
  23. Please can we keep away from the actual Politics of the subject
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