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  1. Totally agree Steve , you usually only get to hear the complaints not the praise .
  2. All complete now:) Delivered at 6:30am by a jovial short wearing Postie !!
  3. Err you might need to edit the above Steve ( I need the 10 , Helen the 13 )
  4. Take the kids , don't be selfish. Not only will they love it , they will remember it as a memory of something they did with their dad , this is point of family's ( shared memories ). You will be amazed at how much they soak up. My 11 yr old still remembers the first Kelling Heath starparty that the mods attended and reminds me of things. Iirc he was in preschool at the time. Just make sure they are warm and fed , let them stay up late andet them off the leash a little during the day
  5. That sounds like one of the plastic bags is missing from the " big " bag of parts. It is a shame but it looks like the packers at Astromedia being a bit careless , and nobody checking the accuracy of the contents
  6. That's my concern , I do not want to wait weeks / months to be able to complete the model.
  7. I've decided not to start the kit until I can confirm that FLO can supply the missing page , I know they only had a limited amount available.
  8. Yes the cut outs are the same but it mainly coloured grey , I suppose to give it reinforcement I'm just trying to make sure the bag of parts are correct before I contact FLO in the new year
  9. I've just checked mine and there is a bogen 12 and 13 but it looks like I'm missing 10
  10. Yup I've got loads I can send you some after I've scoffed them all if you want
  11. Bear in mind that as SGL is a UK based forum the majority of items in the Classified section are also UK located. You might find people unwilling to ship overseas for obvious reasons
  12. Down on the Marsh will be the darkest , too much Light pollution around Maidstone / Medway towns , even the glow from Ashford interferes. You might find a dark location but will struggle to find a dark sky. Saying that we have camped around Biddenden and it wasn't too bad. Trouble also compounded by the con trails with the amount of flights overhead. I used to live near Canterbury and it's not until you get away from those skies overhead you realise how much they filter out. Now down in darkest Devon without the amount of flights and there is a marked difference.
  13. Kai


    That wil be it then , still it had 5 Posties standing around at 5:15am discussing it
  14. Would it not be an idea to fire up all thIs top end kit and give it a go ?? From there you will actually be able to see where your images stack up against the ones you have looked at . Trouble is that by the time you have done all the reading / research etc your kit will be out of date and you will need to upgrade Go on give it a go , you might just be surprised Oh and do make sure you post up your fist images here
  15. Peaceandquiet If your other half has a smart phone then take a look at the app stores as there are a few Astronomy apps that will help them to find objects in conjunction with the scope , one of my favourites is Star Walk as it allows me to overlay the sky with a map using the phones camera , it will appeal to their tecky side. If a book is a consideration then Turn Left at Orion is highly recomended as it will give them something to read when it's cloudy outside
  16. And those basics are ??? You might want to expand on that statement as the op is clearly buying it as a Christmas present and may not have the time to reasearch " the basics " on behalf of the recipient. My first scope was a little 114mm Newt on a EQ mount purchased by my wife nearly 20 years ago , it certainly didn't underwhelm or put me off even in light polluted sky's . I still have it and still use it , but am fortunate to live in a nice dark part of the UK now where I can observe Andromeda naked eye As others have said above Binoculars are not always a required first step into Astronomy
  17. I used to live in Canterbury , you could almost feel the contrails falling like rain.
  18. Kai


  19. Kai

    IMG 3513

    From the album: odds

  20. My Dads is the 5th , my aunts the 6th so very similar in our house.As a side note my daughters birthday is 31 Oct and littlest brother is 1st April so remembering these dates is easy
  21. I wonder how many of us did not enjoy a fireworks party ( family or public ) when we were kids , I know I did and still do. I even remember the next day collecting the dead fireworks and then setting them up with my brother as we played , simple things pleasing simple minds
  22. Maybe a bit over kill but try these guys http://www.awrtech.co.uk
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