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  1. I tend to try and find out who is sponsoring the research , it's funny that the " evidence " usually is friendly towards the sponsor. Scientists are not stupid , they know who pays the piper
  2. Any chance to see those images , I'm a little further south in North Devon and missed the lot
  3. And I bumped into an old friend... Orion was waiting for me and boy Betelgeuse is looking orange !! Winter is coming
  4. They just showed it on the local BBC lunchtime news
  5. I'd find another observing spot , if you knowingly put yourself at risk then you shouldn't be too surprised if that " risk " materialises. Expensive scopes are only " things " and can be replaced and my main concern given your scenario would be my own personnel safety . A little common sense goes a long way ( if your blessed with that skill )and a Darwin Award is not a good epitaph.
  6. Astro Adventures in Devon May be an option
  7. I'm guessing your not from the Uk if you used your skywatcher nearly everyday for a year , what was the problem with the scope?
  8. Ive got a pair of 46yr old lenses..... They go with the rest of my 46yr old body
  9. I think we are in our third or fourth year now over here in Devon
  10. Not from the Seychelles but we have just gawped at the sky in the Maldives. It takes a while to get your bearings though
  11. Hello from a few miles south in Winkleigh
  12. So long and thanks for all the fish .
  13. Target completion time is 11:59am
  14. I find it staggering that people will pay many hundreds or thousands of ££ for bits of glass in a metal tube
  15. Catches me out every morning
  16. The story is 3 yrs old going by the date of the report , i don't think anything has come of it yet
  17. Isn't there a contact email address on the site ?? Actually just checked and its at the very bottom of the main page , just scroll down a little.
  18. Some of the addresses I deliver to this is not so far away from the truth.
  19. Have you tried any of the Retailers , they should be able to source one from the importer.
  20. Was she 4ft 0 and luvverly ???
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