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  1. Only you can confirm the security of the place you want to go , i would suggest that you go with company and let somebody know how long you expect to be there and a eta for arrival home. Are there any landowners you could contact rather than just turn up ??
  2. I've been known to drive from North Devpn to Suffolk for something , just factor in the petrol and if the total price is still acceptable leave early
  3. Ive just merged two threads so the sentiments are not diluted.
  4. You really ,really ,really need some clear nights !!!
  5. McMurdos are the way to go
  6. People who can't find the Close Advert button usually mark their advert as sold
  7. Could of been worse , they might of considered covering it in Faux Leather .........
  8. The sky was still fairly stunning this morning as well a few miles inland from Bude
  9. Hmmmm doesn't a vote of confidence from the board usually mean that it's goodnight Vienna
  10. I hope nobody is planning on using the train early tommorow , sounds like they are cancelled until 8am at least
  11. All calmed down here just north of Dartmoor , winding itself up for later maybe
  12. If you can go out to Hartland as you will be able to observe down to the West horizon and as it's over the sea it is very dark As for AA , the worst the could say is no , anything else would be a bonus
  13. I would be cheeky and see if you could pop down to AstroAdventures and have a look through their scopes if its forcast clear , you never know ...
  14. You would of thought that Skywatcher would use something a bit heavier duty than Sellotape...
  15. No events as such but i would pack your scopes as it can get nice and dark out there Where near Bideford ??
  16. Kai


    There is that of course...
  17. I would consider that a lucky escape for FLO. And as for the last sentence , what was that quote about if you not able to say anything nice......
  18. Kai


    Thats fine , they can iron out all the issues before we get them
  19. Kai


    On FLO's website it has no definate date just late Nov/Dec so i guess thats all the Importer is giving out , im sure SGL will be amongst the first to know
  20. Mainly to stop people abusing the members on here. Not weird really , many forums have similar rules based on posts or time , some even make you pay to access. Anyway thems the rules the Admins have decided on , it's their forum , their call
  21. So what you are after is some form of SGL Pony Express.
  22. Grant answered the question a few days ago , scroll up the page a bit.
  23. Why could you not do the same on here ( SGL) ??
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