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  1. zakkhogan

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    I started a fb campaign to get sir Patrick as the face of the new £50. however since then the Bank of England are now taking nominations on its website for British scientist. Please follow this link to nominate Sir Patrick as the face of the be £50 https://app.keysurvey.co.uk/f/1348443/10fc/ Please help make sir Patrick immortalized on this new £50 note. Many Craig
  2. zakkhogan


    Hi Barry, The problem is that DSO's are very very dim, always difficult, but your yes need to be really dark adapted and you need to look at the object for a good few mins before it starts to emerge
  3. zakkhogan

    Austin Roberts Observatories

    Mike, thank you so much for this information, I really appreciate it, I would love to ask you a few questions about the shutter as mine gets stuck quite frequently. And thank you so much for the instructions, will have a read through the tonight. Thanks again Craig
  4. zakkhogan

    Lunar eclipse images and animation

    Great shots and wonderfully presentation
  5. zakkhogan

    Lunar eclipse images and animation

    Great shots and wonderfully presentation
  6. Cracking image, looks like a lot of time and effort went in to it, we'll done
  7. zakkhogan

    M16 Eagle Nebula, DSLR

    Excellent, what set up did you use?
  8. zakkhogan

    First M42

    well done, looks great
  9. zakkhogan

    M27 - Dumbbel - 06/09/15

    Thanks for all the great feedback. Feel pretty chuffed inspiring Dave so thanks all. Here's my reworked attempt
  10. zakkhogan

    M27 Too wide field

    looks absolutely amazing
  11. zakkhogan

    First attempt at M27 (Dumbell)

    great images Dave, i cant believe how may stars you've captured. Awsome job
  12. zakkhogan

    My 1st Veil

    Great image, what set up did you use?
  13. zakkhogan

    M31 Sept 5th 10" Dob

    Nice detail, especially for 15sec subs. Well Dionne
  14. zakkhogan

    M33 First attempt

    Cracking shot
  15. zakkhogan

    M27 - Dumbbel - 06/09/15

    Hi all, not been around for awhile or even been out for ages, a combination for bad weather and work commitments. Went out last night\this morning 06/09/15 Taken using my Canon EOS500, at ISO1600 and my CPC800 Telescope. Total of 35min Exposure. Comprised of 22 images, 20 @120 seconds and 2 @200 seconds

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