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  1. Hi all, I just stacked 2 focal reducers to, f6.3 + f3.3 on my cpc800, i have attached a photo on the moon below, do you think that this would work for DSO imaging or will this cause to many issues. I believe the combined is f2? but i really dont know All the best Craig
  2. Before i change the camera driver, the camera kept timing out and i kept getting the message ' calibration failed: star didnt move enough' or somthing like that, When i googled it, it was suggested that i up the number of steps, would this be the cause? if so what should i change the steps to ?
  3. Thanks again for the reply Michael , i change the st4 lead and i also i was having an issue with the asi keep loosing signal repeatedly, error message was something like 'Camera failed to capture 2.5s of footage in 30 seconds' or words to that affect. That issue was resolved by changing from ascom drivers to direct drivers (i believe) Originally on setting up i only had the option to select ASI Camera 1 or ASI Camera 2. There was no other option to connect the the camera. Knowing that i routinely use the same camera, leads and laptop for planetary stuff i knew there was nothing wro
  4. This will be my last comment, but here is my final edit. Thanks again
  5. Thank you for all your help, this is what ive managed to achieve, Im relatively new to DSO and this was more of a practice for guiding (which still need tweaking), Im well chuffed with how its finally turned out, i know its not amazing but its definitely a start. Thank you so much for you help ALl the best Craig
  6. Thank you so much, Im starting to tease some data out now.. Thanks you so much Craig
  7. Lights 26 x 90 seconds 2 x 120 seconds Darks 10 x 90 seconds Visibility wasnt amazing, wasnt a moist atmosphere also i had a dew heater and inside an observatory Thanks for the replies m1 x3.TIF
  8. Hi all, Been getting back out since we're all on lock down, Had some teething issues that Michael really helped me out with. Im getting guiding but wiht this issue: 'phd calibration complete but little or no movement in the south' Ive had a google and changed the ST4 Lead but this didnt make a difference. Ive read about backlash but i dint really understand how to check it. ive attached the PHD log. Greatly appriciated PHD2_GuideLog_2020-03-29_203347.txt
  9. Heres a overly processed version to bring out as much as possible, this is a 44m exposure , any idea on why there's so little data captured ?
  10. Hi all, i wounder if someone could shed some light on what ive dont wrong here. This is a 40min exposure, ISO1600 of M1, Equipment: Imaging Scope: CPC800 @F/10 Imaging Camera EOS 500D Guide 60mm Scope + ASI120m Lights and darks only. STacked in DSS processed in CS2, The histrogram is on the left, hardly anything on the right side? any advice is greatly appreciated My processed image
  11. Hey Michael, The count weight system seems to be working great, locating every target accurately while fully loaded. Guide is better but still not working correctly.. its giving me the following warning 'Advisory: Little or no east movement was measured, so guiding will probably be impaired. Check the guide cable and use the Manual Guide tool to confirm basic operation of the mount.' any idea what this might be
  12. thank you so much for the advice i honestly could have cried,
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