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  1. Hi mate, Just found this converter Free and really easy to use. If you're not sure I don't mind converting it for you if you want to email me the video. Gavin
  2. Hi, I can only speak from experience but I rate highly the nexstar mount. I have the 102 slt and set up and alignment is always easy, quick and successful. The optics in my scope are very good and I get great views of the planets and brighter dso's. I have never used the sky watcher so i'll leave it for someone else to comment on! Either way they are both good scopes. Gavin
  3. Hi, I picked up one of these off ebay for £25 last week. Used it last night alongside my nexstar 102 and was really pleased with it. Will be taking it camping in August!! Gavin
  4. Where's the beer fridge?!! Gavin
  5. Hi, wrote to our local council about the awful lights in the park behind our house. Here is the letter... Dear Sir/Madam, I have lived in Bolsover and the village of Pinxton for the past 5 years with my wife and two daughters and love the area and community. We live on T~~~~~ Street with our garden backing onto the park. Both myself and my wife are very concerned by the brightness of the lights on the park which are left on all night long. Surely this is a massive waste of money in terms of energy consumed and maintenance? It also creates a horrible orange glow in both our youngest daughters and our own bedroom at night. Would it be possible for these park lights to be switched off at a certain time, say midnight? This would help save a lot of money for the council and be a lot more peaceful for my daughter and ourselves. I look forward to hearing your response. Many thanks, Gavin Morris Let's wait and see hey??!!
  6. I'm not sure, It was off a shop seller, it is ex-display.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The mount is very acurate at tracking, keeping Saturn in the FoV of a 6mm and 2x barlow for over half an hour without adjustment! So, quite good. Gavin
  8. Never thought of that John, Is there a way I could make the SLT mount more stable? I'm sure I remember reading a while back that it is possible to fill the legs with sand??!! Gavin
  9. Kef9, I think it is only 1.25" EP's. But, pleased with the purchase. Gavin
  10. Will do John. The Maplin cases look proper safe and secure. Will let you know how it copes under a (hopefully) clear sky!! Gavin
  11. Hi Just picked up this scope for when we go camping in Devon. Would love to take my larger 102 frac but we do not have the space in the car for it and it's mount and tripod along with the whole family. So... Got this off ebay for £25!! Not expecting brilliant optics but it is ultra portable with it's own case and great value. Being a Celestron it should cope quite well for widefield viewing!! Gavin
  12. That's brill, cheers. Do you think the CG-4 mount would be more stable and have a larger payload as there is a good deal on ebay at the mo?
  13. Hi Does anybody know what the heaviest OTA is that the nexstar mount will take?? Gavin:)
  14. Amazing!! Video downloaded to watch again and again and again and.......
  15. I too cannot wait for the winter nights. Girls in bed for 7 then I can have a couple of hours before bed. At the moment I'm far too tempted to spend money I do not have just to. Keep my hand in!
  16. Does anybody else find it really difficult to get out observing in their everyday lives?! I don't know about you but I teach a Year 1 infant class and have 2 children under 5 so finding the time and energy during term time is so difficult How do you balance this amazing hobby with your day to day lives?? Gavin
  17. Hi congratulations on your purchase, you won't be dissapointed. I have the Nexstar 102 SLT and I love it's simple set up. Last week I did a solar system allignment on the moon and was ready to go within 2 minutes! Great stuff!! And remember, you don't have to rely on the GoTo, it can still be moved with the remote so you can hunt objects manually. Always good fun!! Gavin PS - The mount also kept Saturn in the FOV within a 6mm EP with 2x barlow for 40 minutes without having to be adjusted!! Brill!!
  18. Brilliant. I'm with you now. Thanks for making it clear. Now for the skies! Thanks again, Gavin
  19. Ha, now you said I feel rather daft!! I thought the black squares meant clear as it was night sky?!! Is that just me!! Cheers anyway!!!!
  20. Stupid moment alert!! Please could someone help me to interpret the results from the website? Thanks Gavin
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