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  1. Wow. Just brilliant. Now I just need somebody to modify my spc900 for me!! Well done!
  2. hi, im in Pinxton. Be good to meet up with our scopes if we find somewhere suitable. Seems like there is a lot of us around j28! Gavin
  3. Personally i'd go for the peak district near buxton, bakewell etc .
  4. Cool! That camera is really interest me. If only I had the money!
  5. Hi Great image. What equipment did you use? Gavin
  6. Great image! How did you atach the web cam to the eye piece? Gavin
  7. Hi Stephen, this is as good as I could get with a quick rush process... Jup - gimped (Medium).bmp Will try and spend more time on it later. Gavin
  8. Great results for that camera! Well done! I look forward to seeing more images using it. Gavin
  9. Great image mate. What camera did you use? Gavin
  10. I agree with the Mak people! A good size mak like a 90/127SLT would be great. Gavin
  11. It is certainly dramatic!! I think they are great images! Well done mate.
  12. Brilliant image mate!! I love the contrast on it. What settings were you using on the dip switches?!! These cameras are looking like they have potential!! Gavin
  13. Buy it now £100 Not sure of the make though?? 10inch Dob reflecting telescope on eBay (end time 01-Sep-10 22:19:53 BST)
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