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  1. Wow. Just brilliant. Now I just need somebody to modify my spc900 for me!! Well done!
  2. hi, im in Pinxton. Be good to meet up with our scopes if we find somewhere suitable. Seems like there is a lot of us around j28! Gavin
  3. Personally i'd go for the peak district near buxton, bakewell etc .
  4. Cool! That camera is really interest me. If only I had the money!
  5. Hi Great image. What equipment did you use? Gavin
  6. Great image! How did you atach the web cam to the eye piece? Gavin
  7. Hi Stephen, this is as good as I could get with a quick rush process... Jup - gimped (Medium).bmp Will try and spend more time on it later. Gavin
  8. Great results for that camera! Well done! I look forward to seeing more images using it. Gavin
  9. Great image mate. What camera did you use? Gavin
  10. I agree with the Mak people! A good size mak like a 90/127SLT would be great. Gavin
  11. It is certainly dramatic!! I think they are great images! Well done mate.
  12. Brilliant image mate!! I love the contrast on it. What settings were you using on the dip switches?!! These cameras are looking like they have potential!! Gavin
  13. Buy it now £100 Not sure of the make though?? 10inch Dob reflecting telescope on eBay (end time 01-Sep-10 22:19:53 BST)
  14. I agree. I got one to take camping. Found the OTA good for what it is but the tripod....oh my word...!! But, managed to get a great view of M13 and Jupiter where we even spotted a band (on jupiter, not the beatles) Gavin
  15. Right, so 6mm is probably the highest mag EP to aim for. I will have a look at some prices and couple that with a 15mm to give me a nice range. Thanks for the replies.
  16. Thanks for your reply. Will look into the EP's you mentioned. :-)
  17. Hi I'm ready to look into purchasing some new EP's for my Nexstar 102. However, I'm not sure which to go for? I have purchased a Celestron 32mm plossl which gives great widefield low power views and I'm pleased with this!! The EP's that came with the 'scope are 25mm and 9mm (not sure if they're plossl's?) but the quality of them isn't brill. I have a 2x barlow but again it's not brill quality and quite fuzzy when viewing through it. My 'scope if f6.5 and just wondered what EP's would compliment my scope? Ideally I would like a new medium power and a high power for viewing planets. Thanks Gavin
  18. Hi, Tried posting this in the Astro Lounge - (moderators please delete that post) but had no replies. I was just wondering what people thought of this 'scope? Would it be any good for astrophotography? ED APO Telescope + Spottingscope TS66/400, Micro 1:10 on eBay (end time 12-Sep-10 14:48:03 BST) Gavin
  19. A awful 76mm Tasco reflector on a table top EQ mount!! Think it's in the attic somewhere!!
  20. Thing is, if you were going to spend £122 on the skyhawk which has 114mm aperture then you may as well spend £10 more and get the 130.... Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130 More aperture = see more!! There is a Celestron Astromaster 130 on ebay for £74.99 - here A review of it is here As far as I can tell, a decent scope but needs eyepieces upgrading - but isn't that true of most 'scopes!!
  21. Spotted on ebay. What do you think for astrophotography? ED APO Telescope + Spottingscope TS66/400, Micro 1:10 on eBay (end time 12-Sep-10 14:48:03 BST) Gavin
  22. Some cool ideas, I would love my own obs, with a large computer controlled 'scope with a wonderful CCD to capture astropics and a live view camera attached. Maybe the live view cam could project the image onto a massive screen for outreach activities!!
  23. I was just wondering, if money was not an object what would your dream set up be?
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