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  1. Thank you very much........ The version I have is 3.2 and does have Raw16. If I capture with debayer on.....could then debayer in Registax (?) Will have to try your other suggestion once I get going.... Very much appreciated....again...thanks Cheers Roger
  2. Hi folks It's been quite a while since I was on here last.....had to get cataract surgery etc. I am hoping to get set up again starting with some lunar shots. I have a ZWO 120MC and just installed Sharpcap,,,had some computer glitches so I uninstalled Firecapture With that camera do I use RAWB....then turn debayer off when I capture....or? Thank you Cheers Roger
  3. Welcome to SGL......from northern Saskatchewan
  4. Hi Folks I was going to collimate my scope but Jupiter beckoned and I just had to try some imaging. Was using a 9.25 sct, 2x Barlow, Zwo 120MC and Firecapture. The run was originally about 2500 frames stacked and optimized thru Registax 5 (not sure what frame number ended up with though). It seems that when I use the wavelets I can barely move the top 3 sliders and I get quite a bit of noise immediately...not sure what I am doing wrong there yet(?) Thanks for looking (any suggestions most welcome) Cheers Roger
  5. Hi folks The other night I had planned to collimate my 9.25 sct and do a drift alignment....however Jupiter beckoned. I set up but seemed like a lot of turbulence. I did get a few captures but next time out will do the collimation for sure. Here is one of my efforts... Thanks for looking Cheers Roger
  6. Thanks Peter....tried again last night...yeah the collimation is out some. Will have to get at that...was thinking of maybe an artificial star setup. This run on the 120mc ended up as only about 550 frames,,,pretty noisy result with all the tweaking, had some problems getting a good frame rate. Thanks for looking Cheers Roger
  7. Thanks Peter....good to be back. My scope is in a shed but not on a pier so I think I will first do a drift alignment (maybe the frost heaved it off a bit)...then for sure I will check on the collimation. Cheers Roger
  8. ...just trying to reprocess from previous data Cheers Roger
  9. Wow....great image!...Thanks for that....will try next session for 2.5 Cheers Roger
  10. Thank you....was wondering about that...I think Winjupos is a bit beyond my level at present. With same session data I reprocessed 1000 from 2030 frames...I will try a shorter run and hopefully much more fps next time out Cheers Roger
  11. Thank you so much....looks better for sure. I reprocessed and brought out Callisto (I think) in the bottom right. I will use png next time also. Are SER better than AVI captures? Was thinking maybe a 2 minute run would be better if I can get the frame rate up considerably. Great to be back and learning.... Cheers Roger
  12. Thank you.....so the smaller roi will not advantage towards a faster fps also?
  13. Thanks ....I will have to check that fps limit slider (where it is and such) next time out...I thought the frame rate should also be a lot higher with a 640x480 ROI(?) Cheers Roger
  14. Thanks Phillip, Freddie and Dave.... I'm using a Toshiba 17" laptop...Win 7 with a new 1TB hard drive. It is USB2 I believe.....shutter was 30.04 ms...gain 90...usb traffic (off) ...high speed on...gamma 50. The hard drie is partitioned.....c has 473 GB free and e has 391 GB free. I'm an older guy so my tech acumen is somewhat underwhelming...methinks. Cheers Roger
  15. Hi Folks......it has been a long time since I did any imaging....lots to learn and relearn. I tried out my new ASI120MC last night....trying to learn Firecapture again. Tried some 3 minute runs thru the 9.25SCT using a 2x Barlow. I think I only got 12 or so fps using 640x480 ROI. My image is quite noisy yet but an wondering how can I get a much faster frame rate? Another drift alignment and check collimation is on the to do list also. Thanks for looking and any suggestions much appreciated Cheers Roger mc jup.tif
  16. Hi folks... I haven't been imaging for quite some time and hoping for some advice. I have a Zwo ASI 120mm cam and filter wheel. I have re downloaded Firecapture and am just trying to familiarize myelf on settings etc. I'm an older newbie and have forgotten some of what I was doing when imaging quite a while ago. I am just running some rgb captures indoors...prior to setting up one of these fine nights for Jupiter. I notice on my captures that for each filter it is not showing the data for frames captured and fps. ...also doesn't show captured/saved under status(?) Any suggestions greatly appreciated ....thank you Cheers Roger
  17. Hi all: I have a good telescope, 2 astro cams, eyepieces, barlows etc. that I may post in the classifieds soon if any (fairly local) express an interest I will post an ad and photos here. I love this hobby (will keep my small scope) but getting older and have other interests to attend to. Thanks to SGL members for helping me through so many learning curves. Cheers Roger
  18. Hi and welcome to SGL...from a next door neighbour (in Saskatchewan)
  19. Hi folks: The moon looks exquisite tonight here in the Great White North. A tad cool for any scoping though....-24 degrees Celsius plus a stiff wind. Cheers Roger
  20. That is a beauty indeed! The soft natural look is awesome!
  21. Nice ones Pete!....Were they straight through the scope or any barlows added? Cheers
  22. Hi all: Still waiting for some imaging weather here...warm enough now but snowing and blowing. It has been a long time (last summer) since I have been out observing/imaging. Yesterday I spent time just cleaning optics and running the camera (asi 120mm through firecapture checking for blobs or smears on the screen , and can't see any. Also hooked up the filter wheel and checked out RGB sequences etc. Last summer I started to try out the Firecapture autoguiding feature which looked promising but I did have a few problems with settings (to keep the image centered on screen). I am using an asi 120mm and a 9.25sct on a CG-5 mount. Used the ST-4 cable (camera to mount) I am just wondering what other members inputs are regarding Firecapture autoguiding? I think Firecapture is a superb program which is user friendly even for an old guy like me, and I would really like to get the autoguide feature resolved. Cheers Roger
  23. Hi Hugh...a warm WELCOME to the forum from the Great White North
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