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  1. I've been offline for a while and only saw tonights episode by chance. It did tickle me though the fact they travel all the way to Australia and still get rained off
  2. It sounds like you're having a good time. I've been off line for a while, so I've only just spotted this post. I hope all goes well and I'll keep an eye out for any further camps....
  3. Just a quick suggestion for anybody looking for ideas for stocking fillers for Christmas. A few weeks back I bought myself a Google Cardboard headset. I'll admit it was a curiosity purchase, but having played with it I'm impressed with this cheap entry level into virtual reality. For around £7 it has been worth it. For those not familiar, Google Cardboard is a DIY VR headset which utilises your smart phone as the video screen. There are numerous VR apps available to use with it, but I would definitely recommend buying one and download Titans of Space (free download). Not only is this a fascina
  4. I take it you've been at home this weekend as well Kenny? Did you ever get round to stacking your shots from the last CSP? Tony
  5. Doh, Just spotted this post and guess who's working :-(
  6. Thanks for another fun weekend folks. It was great to meet up with everyone again and the fantastic clear skies on Saturday night was like the cherry on the cake. We hope to see you all again soon and enjoy Galloway for those who are going. We won't be there (due to other plans), but I'm sure you will all have a good time. clear skies Tony
  7. Hi Mike, Jason has told me he can't make this one. They've just moved house, so will probably have too many things ongoing
  8. Well I've managed to blag 2 nights off work, so hopefully I can get in Zoes & the kids good books again. We'll be able to come for the Friday & Saturday night.
  9. Zoe said great news, seeing as she had to work for CSP10. My shifts clash unfortunately, so I'll have a go at getting some time off.
  10. I haven't checked a forecast for ages as they tend to let you down. However, we've had some really sunny days lately and fairly clear skies (which I missed due to being at work :-( ). Hopefully the clear skies will continue a while longer
  11. Cheers Mike I'll let him know. I take it the BBQ will be in play again?
  12. Mike, Is there any places left? My mate has just got the stargazing bug and was asking about coming too. Zoe said she'll miss everyone, but is going to make a meat & potato pie for us. (Thats if Nina doesn't mind throwing it in the oven)
  13. I didn't realise it was on. Working shifts I loose track of my days (but then again, that might just be age catching up on me) and I could always rely on my recorders series link. Without the series link, its a bit of pot luck if I get to view it. I'll try and fire up I-Player to see what every body are on about...
  14. Mike, I'm hoping to get there Friday evening (it depends on how organised I am, after the kids finish school) for at least a couple of nights T
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