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  1. http://www.7timer.com/v4/bin/astro.php?lon=-2.129&lat=52.587〈=en&ac=0&unit=metric&output=internal&tzshift=0 Hope this helps
  2. Well I am scope less at the minute just hope the sky bucks it ideas up tho
  3. Sorry for taking over the chat thread guys was just quite excited about getting closer to my dob
  4. I have just bought another powerseeker 675 telescope brand new in opened on eBay for £50.00 you know what's gonna happen now don't u (ha ha ) what a great money making exercise !
  5. Wow ( and he breathes ) well I have sold my powerseeker 114 on eBay for £110 over the moon as I paid £80 for it so I am well on the way for saving for skyliner 200p Thanks for the great advice mate and hopefully will catch up with you again soon to maybe check out your eye pieces out as I am now scope less ! With only bins
  6. Wulfrunian what eye piece size did you use to see Saturn ? And what would you recommend for 8" dob as I can no way afford your range ha ha
  7. Nice one mate cheers for the advice just want to be able to see Saturn like that again I was mesmerised
  8. Right ok mate I guess I will save the pennies and keep looking and in the mean time take advantage of yours if we meet again lol Looking at your eye pieces too have seen the price of them which would have a significant improvement in your viewing
  9. I hear that people are always upgrading hence selling their old ones where is the best to look for one instead of brand new ??
  10. Nice one been looking a the varying of prices for the sw 200p obviously looking for best price how much should I pay for one ??
  11. Your damn right mate they are great possibly looking at the skywatcher skyliner 200p don't think I can justify 4-500 on the next one up lol
  12. Steve sorry mate didn't see post till now was pretty cloudy but still some good sights we will have to arrange a meet soon under the clear skies
  13. Just wanted to say thanks for last night web though the cloud was a massive let down I saw phase of venus m41 beehive a few satellites m45 Pleiades and most of all a fantastic view of Saturn Great guys very informative viewing in wulfrunians dob has wavered me over to saving up for one what an awesome peice of kit Steve, Dave and Michael cheers and hope to meet up again some time when this country has some clear skies !
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