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  1. lots of high cloud over west cumbria so no observing tonight - just had the dog out in the garden and the most stunning meteor of my observing span has just streaked from south west to North west across my horizon. Utterly speechless - tail was huge and the colours through the clouds were incredible. Hope someone else has seen it
  2. good luck lads - after those pics/ Dobs, my shot of the 250PX on the deck will most definitely not be posted any time soon (if that makes any sense)
  3. I can usually set my 'clear skies watch' for when Im night shift ! Between that and the cumbrian weather I feel Im on a hding to nothing at times with astronomy. Thankfully Wednesday and Thursday are looking great so Im planning on making up for lost time
  4. typical its predicted to clear here tonight after incessant rain ....... and Im on earlies so will miss the peak this year !
  5. concerned about being labelled a crank, but my wife saw it too.Bright fast moving object came from the south from below horizon heading towards Mars, and we thought it was possibly the ISS etc. Got my phone out to check the app and it wasnt that or an iridium flare. When it reached Mars it just disappeared. No traces along its course with bino's. Such a bright object I thought someone else on here might have been able to verify it
  6. its ok - im guessing it was just me and my other half that saw it. I had to check with her that we werent seeing things. It wasnt a chinese lantern
  7. Evening all - was visually looking at mars just after 23:00 tonight - anyone see something unusual?
  8. http://www.lgfc.org.uk/ This place is on our doorstep. Its horizons are relatively high due to its valley location - and as its the lakes the weather can be wet. I used to live just up the valley and the skies are stunning when its clear - its a designated dark skies site. My other half lived all her life in towns/cities and had never seen the Milky Way before here. There is a campsite, pubs , hotel and B&B in Ennerdale itself if you prefer closer to civilisation.
  9. yes - looking forward to it - scope out tonight for the first time in months . Its going out to cool once the sun goes down. Cant wait.
  10. Feel you frustration - same here just down the road. Always clear when Im on nights ! Its been 2 months since my scope saw the darkness. Fed up of the weather - incessant rain and wind. We're not the lakes for nothing though. Fingers crossed for a settled new year.
  11. thats a cracking idea - I was puting it up in my man cave/ obsy as it was - best get looking to see who can do it locally.
  12. Sorry clouds are my fault - was stunningly clear for Perseids while I was on mornings and now Im on rest its cloudy and raining here. Congrats on the new scope - though Im not back in for a week so you'll have to wait for clear skies
  13. Weather here has been dire to say the least! Scope hasnt been out in ages. Can confirm virtually no astronomical darkness at this time of year, but the evening late sunset views of venus and saturn are great. Still wating for the elusive NLC's though.
  14. Thanks for all the advice and tips - had a much better night the other day - guess Im a bit rusty given my lack of observing. Have some time off now so hoping for more clear skies Thanks again Jase
  15. Im guessing last night wasnt such a washout afterall - saw this last night in Cassiopeia during my frustrating attemps with the dob. When I checked my guides I couldnt find anything listed in the position I saw the main body. Will definitely be looking again tonight now that I know its there (doh !)
  16. Many thanks for all the advice - its going to be clear again tonight so will have another go - hopefully with a bit more patience. Collimaton was spot on when I checked and will be taking the guides with me this time (TLAO and my old collins Stars and Planets). Will definitely consider a telrad as I was getting confused with the RACI and view through the scope. Great tip on the card with circle/ expected view on the guide. I live in a place with virtually no street lighting and reasonable dark skies - once I get my man cave / observatory finished away down the end of the garden I should be away from most stray light and hopefully improve my odds. Cheers Jase
  17. Been so looking forward to tonight - my first clear night in months when I haven been on nights, due to our fabulous cumbrian weather (not). Cracking view of jupiter and moons with very clear bands even at low mag. Lovely view of the Orion nebula with the high contrast filter but then it all went down hill - couldnt find any of my chosen targets with the dob. Got M81 & 82 but very little else - couldnt find M51 or M101 for love nor money. Gave up afer an hour & considering a goto now
  18. Thanks for the heads up. Just went to mark it found my brilliant other half has already marked it for me - dont know what Id do without her !
  19. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode & thanks for posting the links to the guides. Seeing something I couldnt (and still cant) explain in the night sky is what got me into astronomy in the first place, so the ET section and Kelper were spot on. Looking forward to stargazing live.
  20. I too managed to get a very brief view of Lovejoy last night also - first time the scope has been out in weeks with this weather. Well worth it though - easily in the bino's and RACI and a lovely view my lowest power EP. Didnt get a chance for much else - clouds within minutes!
  21. I can honestly say that I saw something that cant be explained (by me at least) despite years of trying - It actually got me into astronomy to try and fathom it out. I appreciate Im leaving myself open to ridicule over it but I saw what I saw. A large part of me is comfortable with the notion, that if we are the only life in the galaxy/ universe, "it would be an awful waste of space", but I also think its a bit extreme to think that we know all there is to know about physics ,space, other worlds and the possibilty of travel etc - its not that long ago (certainly in a cosmic sense) that the brighest minds on the planet were flat earthers ! As I said - just my opinion
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  24. got M33 myself last night - lovely and clear up here and my first session in months Failed miserably to find M101 despite several attempts - though M81 & 82 were looking fab and clear.
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