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  1. Here's the centrepage from the first issue of a new daily newspaper "The New Day" from yesterday with Tim Peake's shot from ISS window of UK and northern France at night and the huge LP issues.  The newpaper thinks it looks "beautiful" with....

    "The lights go on and Britain is awaking up to a bright New Day..... Tim sent the beautiful picture of Earth...outline of the UK covered by a veil of stars from the ISS 250 miles away"

    London is centre left and Paris centre right with super overlit Belgium centred.  Perhaps you can spot your hometown or location.  From a popular and newpaper angle the pic is brilliant in every way but less so for us astronomers on the ground and it's hardly ever going to change but only get worse ;o( 

    What do you make of these fab space pics?

    Nytecam in SW London



    tim uk lp3.jpg

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  2. If you can't beat it - shoot it!   Got a few DSOs in before moonrise [24hrs after full] here with Jupiter + sats nearby but not as near as this montage with 1ms [=1/1000s] exposures for each and 10ms for sats. 

    Other targets including Comet Catalina in Cep [60s], Eskimos PN in Gem [10s] and moving west M35 + tiny NGC 2158 [20s] to its SW, M42 [again!] and feeble Horsehead - 20s just hinted at its ghostly form.  Will post some more tomorrow ;o)







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  3. 1 hour ago, Peter Drew said:

    I firmly believe that there will be an integrating eyepiece with onboard automatic processing that you look through in "real" time. It seems a logical progression.

    I forgot Martin's query on an integrating eyepiece -  surely this already exists with electronic night-sights but results are a bit 'sparkly' due to amplified random noise.  This could be filtered out for a cleaner image if accepting a slight delay of a second or two between each display.   The Lodestar camera could possibly include a viewscreen + EP as a complete electronic-EP but what's so special about an EP and gymnastics needed to peer through it!


  4. Martin - a very interesting and considered post.  The eye/brain combo has remarkable image processing ability. In a million years of evolution it should be good. 

    Your post highlights why I'm so adrift from the relatively few [and visual] observers in our club who generally feel that anything but the EP is alien and frankly unnatural.  They just peer through the back of the scope and that's it without any [technical] distractions. The fact the eye has limited 'sensitivity', especially on DSOs, is of no consequence.   

    There's a common misunderstanding as to the relative brightness as astro objects - published book pics of the moon, planets and galaxies all seem 'equal' despite being orders of magnitude progressively fainter - hence the woe for newbies at the scope. 

    I've done my apprenticeship at the EP decades ago and to keep astro alive I've moved on and adapted under evermore light pollution. I now realise, despite using cameras for over five decades, I never done long exposure AP.  Or cared for the picture-perfect-ethos but always brief shots to view nowadays in essentially realtime - now called video/EAA !



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  5. Thank your-lucky-stars if you have the dark skies [with a hint of airglow!] described by most posters here.  Here is SW London dusk just freezes and gets no darker and replaced by an overall orange glow - even finding Polaris can be a struggle and may need averted vision! 

    I don't worry as I've not used an EP for ages on DSOs and rely on my camera in very brief exposures viewed in essentially realtime to cut through the muck with impunity. Even the Hubble Deepfield is possible near the zenith or maybe TNO Eris @ m 18.5 below the celestial equator via my setup ;o)


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  6. On ‎14‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 18:34, physicus said:

    Funny you mention the spectrohelioscope.  I'm probably doing all this stuff now largely thanks to an inspiring talk by Commander Henry Hatfield (at Leicester Astro Soc. in late 1970s) on his "spectroheliographiscope": the 'graph' referring to the fact he could photograph with it.  That involved long light paths laid out in his garden and disappearing into dark holes.  Amateur opto-electrical-mechanical wonderland.

    Good friend Henry swapped his SHS scanner for my design of a reversing prism on the return Ha beam so the motion of the slits was common [not opposed] for better images !


  7. On ‎14‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 10:15, DaveS said:

    There won't be any amateur astronomers in 2050 as the LP will make the stars a distant memory for us oldies and a thing of myth for youngsters:(

    Grumpy of London. 

    Shame on your Grumpy ! - seen your equip list  - need to swap some for a super sensitive Lodestar cam - then it "LP ? what LP?"

    Nytecam in SW London - skies without limits!

  8. In my small 2 decade old DIY dome I have a regular 100w tungsten lamp for opening up/closing down + a low wattage red-coated bulb for general use to see laptop keyboard.  I work in the dark during cam exposures with a pen light to hand.


  9. Yes - I wondered about jumping on the gravity wave bus but where to start  ho ho....  Of course we all start with a first scope on the moon and maybe the planets but over time it we aim for more and more to keep satisfied.   Within reason there's no limit !  Building  a spectrohelioscope from a surplus RAF Wray lens was fun !


  10. Astrofest, like most London events, is an essentially public transport event and centred within 14M London Metro Area eg a sizeable percentage of UK population.  No event can be on everyone's doorstep.  Stand priced are probably hiked each year - it is a commercial enterprise.  Once-upon-a-time there was free space for local societies !  It usually attracts good [well paid] speakers.


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  11. Reading all these LP issues is very sad and I feel for my fellow amateurs.  My solution decades ago with to build a dome with narrow viewing slot to block local LP.  Also planting shrubs along my garden boundary with evergreen climbers. Trying to reason with neighbours is largely useless unfortunately.

    Now into my 2nd but smaller dome [linked below + my gallery] with goto 12" SCT + Lodestar sensitive camera for my DSO shots 'viewed' in essentially realtime and mag 17 and fainter in a few seconds exp.  Discovered supernova SN2011az so doing.  Ditched the EPs for DSOs decades ago before the Ethos was invented !

    Nytecam [get it!]

  12. Glad you enjoyed the club meeting - much to learn and enjoy with personal contact.   I've been a member of mine for nearly 50yrs and rarely miss - we have an obsy and monthly meetings at a dark site on the dark-of-the-moon.  Also a BAA member and various posts with both.  Get the impression not many folk here are club members [or never talk about it!] but could be wrong;-)


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