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  1. Definitely coma in images - they should 'point' to middle of frame - prior to their correction/minimisation. Try system without the star diagonal - unless the camera hits the mount without ;-(


  2. On ‎03‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 21:28, JeremyS said:

    Glad you got some sky, Maurice. Nice images.


    Thanks Jeremy - yes  a bit daft trying with the near endless twilight at this time of year but aim for the antisun location helps and up from there towards the zenith.   Been a very poor June for the southeast  ;-0


  3. My globular pics for July 1st - Meade 30cm f/3.6 SCT + SX Lodestar-Mx2. Exposures kept brief to avoid burnt-out cores.


    Globs in Hercules
    M13 in  5s exp - brightest stars >m12
    M92 in 10s exp - brightest stars >m12
    NGC 6229 30s exp - brightest stars >m15.5

    M71 30s exp against the rich Milky Way of Sagitta.

    Globs in Scorpius
    M4  30s exp nr Antares - stars bloated due to very low altitude on meridian and thro branches.
    NGC 6144 30s - ditto








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  4. My pics from the evening of July 1st shot with my Meade 30cm f/3.6 [Meade 3.3 FR] SCT + SX Lodestar-Mx2 from the London suburbs in brief exposures as noted starting with some favorite planetary nebulae.
    M57 [Ring] in 1 sec exp!  Two stars within the core !  This detail is routine but visually central star needs perfect seeing+large aperture.
    M57 in 60s exp shows spiral gx IC 1296 nearby and stars to mag 19.1
    M27 [Dumbbell] in 5s exp goes pleasingly deep
    M27 in 60s exp give a smoother result
    M27 in 60s exp with maximum stretch to show outer envelope and stellar penetration below mag19
    PNe in Aquila
    NGC 6781 in 60s m16.7 central star - PN ~2' diam
    NGC 6804 in 60s m14.3 central star - PN 35" diam
    NGC 6772 in 60s m18.6 central star - PN 85" diam - 1st time on this PN!
    Session globulars to follow.









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  5. No bright comets around at the moment but a few faint one out there and went for one inordinately faint in Panstarrs WZ 2015 at supposed mag 12 but my guess it's much fainter at ~mag14/15.

    The comet is high in the evening sky in Hercules near globular M92.  Here is negative form for clarity are two shots 2min apart showing the comet's motion SW in the interval.  Used my 30cm f/3.6 SCT SX Lodestar mono camera in 30s exp and 60s exp inset. Hope its of interest !




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  6. Surprisingly clear and transparent last night here in the 'burbs' with some new targets including MP Juno and objects low in Sco etc - never seen them 'evolve' so clearly on the laptop via the autostacked subs with auto dark/flat and down to mag 18.5 against Wikisky - will post soon ;-)



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  7. On a 'bathroom break' this morning I thought I saw the NLC centred on the NNE horizon from SW London and took this poorish photo via my camera in 'night mode' [~4s @ 400ISO].  It was the characteristic electric blue colour and Capella as usual is recorded in the fov which gives scale amongst the sodium lit clouds directly over London.

    Are NLC been reported this far south currently?

    Been NLC watching for over a decade but few sighting in last two years of either post dusk in NNW or pre dawn events in NNE around summer solstice.





  8. Great gx pics Martin ;-)  I applaud your search for unusual targets away the Messier/NGC lists - there are literally thousands of objects that EAA/video reveal that are visually impossible and it's good to see them uniquely 'exposed' on this forum.  Man after my heart !

    I've always had a domed obsy which is pretty essential here in London due to LP and one of its [minor] disadvantages is the need to turn the dome frequently - if chasing Messiers.  I learnt my lesson when a mate wanted to view [in the old days] Messiers in numerical order!  But with extremely faint gxs [like your recent targets] there no need to move the dome - just 'nod' the scope up and down as the sky transits the dome slot over an hour or so.

    Keep up the good work




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  9. Who's got the biggest wheelbarrow and breaker !!!

    Do you really want to break up this slab?   Just make use of it and extend as necessary for intended obsy. The final obsy floor should be above ground-level to avoid water ingress by min of 80mm  - sealants DON'T work longterm.   Bolt scope column to ex base and isolate from obey floor. AP may need remote operation - I just keep still during the brief subs!  Visual = no problems :-) 

    Good luck


  10. Good brief session under cold polar winds but cosy in my tiny obsy here in SW London !  Skies clearer than usual  eg could make out the stars forming Leo - sometimes have to make do with just Regulus.  Of course twilight ends ever latter - 8 weeks to summer solstice but at least the moon's out of the way before midnight.  Wasted 20min after I'd bumped the finder before getting going ! 

    Here's some of my haul eg

    M87 + jet and field gxs

    Sunflower M63 - even 5sec finder/centre mode just showed the mottled effect here in 45s.

    M51 in both 5s and 45s

    Used 30cm classic Meade LX200 SCT @ f/2.95 + Lodestar Mx2.








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  11. Bit late to the party ;0)  We all loose motivation sometimes through perhaps persistant cloudcover or the subject going stale!  With 50yrs in this game some downtime is inevitable - a change of direction with other hobbies or within astronomy itself helps.  Also, in my case, attending [BAA] astro meetings on topics I find interesting invariably "recharges the batteries".  My best investment was a DIY obsy so always ready for action even in a brief sky clearance!

    Here in SW London LP is horrid - I haven't used an EP in decades but use my laptop to view inordinately faint DSOs in essentially realtime in brief exposures of typically <60sec.  OK the results are not AP nor intended to be but I get to 'see' lots of targets and stars to mag18 even in a brief session using my Lodestar camera replacing the EP. 

    The cameras are extraordinary sensitive - yesterday I swapped out cameras in daylight and focused on a distant pylon to  get close to infinity focus by stopping the scope down to f/80 and 1ms [1/1000s] exposure!

    Have fun when you're ready!


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  12. Unless you're in a UK conservation area you could be in the clear!  Then as a general rule PP is not required and covered under "permitted development" if..

    the structure is under 4m high [to apex of roof]

    is of modest size [compared to the gross area of dwelling]

    is behind the street 'building line'

    is not attached directly with the dwelling and with suitable clearance

    is not habitable!

    Householders are entitled to enjoy their property and gardens with a shed /greenhouse /workshop etc.  It can be built of timber even if near the boundary but should not present a fire hazard to neighbours through use and contents.   

    Generally private obsys are often no more than sheds where the roof moves aside to observe the sky !   Calling your project an "observatory" will guarantee lots of interest on the novelty value with the Planning Dept which may give unwarranted hassle !  Go easy and good luck.




  13. All cameras we use have hot pixels, removed with 'dark' calibration frames usually with the scope capped but once done last for the session and often much longer.   From experience they tend to increase over time [my LCx2 is 2yrs old] - if the camera were 'cooled' then hot pixels are much reduced but this brings extra expence and weight/power loads and virtually essential for AP.


  14. The Topic Poster says the obsy is for imaging, which if done remotely, could be a simple 'box' to expose the scope/mount with suitable anti-dewing equipment installed. 

    I also image exclusively but in very brief exposures displayed to monitor as an alternative to using an eyepiece - results go much much deeper and in colour but like eyeballing I like to be adjacent to the scope within my cosy lightweight DIY dome!

    DIY domes are consistently described on this forum as "expensive and difficult to build" which is nonsense on both counts.  A dome gives complete protection for scope [and user!] from wind and dew.  The RoR gives little or no such protection. The dome downside is reduced sky view but one can always step outside!   I've built 6 domes down the years for club, others and self but never a RoR - check my dome build link below.   

    I'd recommend the octagonal design used by mate Ron Johnson - all the panels including the opening shutter are rectangular with only the 4 'corner' panels shaped - this greatly simplifies construction but still gives an elegant dome profile.




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  15. On ‎01‎/‎03‎/‎2016 at 17:30, Mr Spock said:

    Belgium looks a bit luminous.

    A decade or so ago I think there was corruption case against a government minister with links to contracts for excessive highway lighting !  The illumination levels that I've seen there are staggering - for one lamp in UK, the Belgium version has 3 or 4 lampheads per pole - and there's no going back ;o(


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