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  1. That is a cracking pic Olly. What webcam did you use for that? You should set up a holiday home and teach people how to do that. Oh wait... Rab.
  2. Very nice Feels good doesnt it? Rab.
  3. I think perhaps your worrying too much about noise and temperatures. A good run of darks and stacked in dss will take care of any noise. I take my darks when packing up at the end of the night. I put the end cap on the ota and and fire away on my remote until I have about a third of my light frames as darks(?) 60 lights + 20 darks and I'm happy. Still new to this myself but this ratio seems to work well. This is my m42 which is 60, 30sec exposures with 15, 30sec darks stacked in dss with rgb align. I used my Nikon D90 with a remote programmable shutter release with 5 seconds between exposures. All noise reduction turned off and iso 800. I dont think you realy need to worry too much about noise until you are playing with high end gear and trying to get published. Just try and get better polar alignment and try and get slightly longer exposures and above all enjoy what your doing and the fact that you are taking photo's of things the majority if the population on this wee planet will never see. Makes me smile Rab
  4. Good luck dude I'll remind you of this post in a year and see where you are lol Good luck with the wedding Rab.
  5. Some people will look and think it must be good if its thats price. If you dont know then you dont know.
  6. Be carefull Baz, you are standing at the top of a very slippery slope. I also only wanted to take a pic good enough to show the family what it was I can see through the ep. That was over a grand ago and I still have the basic kit for decent imaging. Once you get that first image you will be chuffed. Then you will tweak it using software. Then you will try and get a slightly better image as you rekon the seeing is better now than when you took the first. Oh theres saturn, will have a bash at that. The moon, maybe a mozaic for a bigger picture thats got more detail. Hmm orions looking very nice tonight, I wonder.... It just doesnt stop! And no matter what you get to image with there will always be someting else needed to get it better/right/bigger/bolder. Its actualy scary how much it can consume you. If your not out with your scope your at home proccessing avi's or stacking images or playing with wavelets. Save yourself a lot of time and effort and just look and go aww and ahh when you see things. If anyone asks if you can get a pic, send them to google. Yes I do feel better for getting that off my chest. Rab.
  7. Congrats on a nice image DSS can be an experience at times. I also capture NEF files and havent had any problems with memory but then I got 4gb ram. Have you tried ticking the Allign rgb button? I done this and the end result had a bit more colour in and didnt look too washed out. I'm sure I dont have to tell you that experimenting with the setting is the key to good images as I have found no 2 images get the same results. As for capturing the darks, I usualy do this when I am dismantling everything at the end of the night. I just leave the camera on the scope with the end cap on and let it fire away. I usualy go for about 30% of my light frames. So if I got 100 lights, I'll go for 30 darks. Probably overkill but I'm still learning as well Rab.
  8. cheers peter shall give that a try. Rab.
  9. Have no idea dude but all you do is pinch or stretch the screen to zoom so I imagine it wont be that hard to set up. Maybe a bit annoying getting everything facing the same direction to begin with but I'm sure it will work. Rab.
  10. Evening all. this happend to me a few nights back. during alignment my power cable slipped and restarted the controller. It has since then never got passed the version screen . I have reflashed it but still I only get to the version screen. Any ideask? Rab.
  11. Another vote for skeye. My original plan was to have an old digital camera mounted onto the camera mount on my tube rings and then have my phone laccy banded onto that as a guider. Instead I bought the HEQ5pro. I still rekon it would work though as it is very sensitive and you can select the feild of view to match your ep or naked eye. Rab.
  12. Nikon D90 with some excellent results, however I shall be getting a modded Canon D1000 just for astro. Theres no way I would risk my beloved D90 to be moddified or ruined for everday use, its just too good. Be carefull what canon you order tho as I got a 350d off fleabay which thankfully turned out to be kapooped so I am getting a full refund, but I never knew at the time about the 350d only having drivers up to windows xp. I have win7 and had to install a virtual machine to get Backyardeos to work with it.
  13. At the end of the day if it is a loan and your paying it back then it is your money your spending so spend it on what you want.
  14. Shall google virtualdub now. Cheers for comments
  15. I would be a bit miffed that she was only going to loan me the money, make a big deal about how I wouldve just gave her the money if she wanted it and then guilt her into a dob.
  16. boabsta

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hello Peter and welcome from another csog'er. When you get your scope go to the top of a hill and point it east and I'll gie ye a wave Rab.
  17. Thanks Chris I put the post in to show the movement as stars on there own dont look like theyre doing much and also because it is a relic Heres the same vid minus captions and at only 10 seconds long so it looks smoother. http://youtu.be/-2oDMuuRW1U Rab.
  18. It cleared for me and I done a timelapse of the cloud clearing and managed to catch 2 meteors. Seen about 10 but then gave up as was very cold.
  19. A short timelapse form last night. 400 frames of 10sec exposures ISO 1200. Very light polluted Edinburgh. Less than a minutes worth of video Rab.
  20. All I done was screw the corrector into the t-ring and it worked like a charm. I am going to the dark side and getting a canon but that will be exclusively for ap. I do like imaging with my D90 but I enjoy it too much to keep having the lens off and on and I dont want to damage it in any way. It would be fair to say that I would be a tad upset if anything were to hapen to my nikon. I did however just do this with the Nikon which I shall be doing more of I think.Rab.
  21. For a first attempt thats a cracker. My first effort was a blob. If you try drizzle in registax it may make it a bit bigger. Rab.
  22. thanks Was a Nikon D90 and well spotted for the coma corrector. It was a Baader MPCC. It's actualy a freinds and I forgot I had used it. Rab.
  23. Just thought I'd post up my first proper stack of M42 that I am actulaly happy with. Was taken on 10/12 and consists of 60, 30sec exposures @ISO1600 stacked with 10 darks in DSS. Finished off in photoshop. I am planning on learning how to merge images in photoshop as there is a lot of detail that I can get in the nebula but it blows the core to bits. Another thing to learn lol Comments and critique welcome. Rab.
  24. I think if you had taken a dark frame at the same time and then stacked them that would have removed most of the lp. I am still learning all this myself so might be wrong. Rab.
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