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  1. I have a budget of about 2k and would like some help choosing a portable astro imaging setup. Something that can preferably be easily carried to a dark sky site. In the past I've used a DSLR with a Sky-watcher 72ed and heq5 mount but it's just to combersome for what I want. I'm looking for a quick to setup, portable solution so that I can photograph galaxies and nebula. Ive used ZWO cameras in the past and am debating between a cooled ZWO camera or DSLR. Perhaps something to pair with a redcat 51 and star adventurer mount? Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. Connected my ASI 120MM Mini easily. Not tried connecting anything else yet.
  3. Tristan

    Hello SGL...

    Thanks for the tip. I'll grab a copy of the book.
  4. A little over budget (although you might be able to pick them up second hand), I've just got a HEQ5 mount and EvoStar 80ED to use for astro photography.
  5. Tristan

    Hello SGL...

    Wow, is it that long since I said my first "hello"? lol After suffering from obscured, light polluted skies for the last few years, I have now moved to somewhere with a dark sky! Iusted off the Sky-Watcher 130P and 127 Mak but decided to have a bit of an upgrade and try my hand at astro photography, so treated myself to a Sky-Watcher Evostar 80ED PRO & HEQ5 PRO mount. Should have the new EvoGuide 50ED next week. Just need some clear skies to try out my new goodies!
  6. Received my ASiair yesterday. Just need some clear skies to test it out!
  7. The dark skies in Kielder are incredible. We visit once a year and this year took the kids to the observatory for a family astronomy evening which was amazing. Will have to go back and to the observatory when it's dark!
  8. Sky-Watcher replaced my AZ GTi after some troubleshooting. Got no problem connecting my Galaxy S9+ to it now.
  9. Thanks JimothyC. Strangely, I can connect fine on Android once I have let the mount connect to my home wifi, but cannot connect directly to the SynScan wifi network!
  10. I have just received my Skywatcher AZ GTi mount but am unable to get the SynScan Pro app (or the basic SynScan app) to connect to the mount on my Galaxy S9+ (running Android 8.0.0). It just says "Cannot Connect". I downloaded the app on my iPad and it connected to the mount without any problems. Is there a bug/problem with the Android app?
  11. Tristan

    Hello SGL...

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome and thanks to damnut for the photographic blower brush tip!
  12. Tristan

    Hello SGL...

    I just thought I'd say a quick hello! I bought a Skywatcher Explorer 130PM a couple of years ago and for the last 12 months or so it has been left neglected in my garage. Recently however, I have rediscovered the beauty of the night sky again and spent hours reading threads on SGL! I quite fancy having a go at some astro photography and am considering purchasing a new scope although I haven't made my mind up yet as to what to buy! I'm quite liking the look and portability of the SkyMax 127... Anyway, I have plenty of reading to do as I need to clean the primary mirror on my 130PM tomorrow!
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