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  1. Hi, I have a Sky Watcher 250px dob and was wondering what is the best way to convert it into a GOTO and what sort of work/cost would be involved? Any pointers or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Don
  2. Seeing those rings with your own eyes...just magical.
  3. Really clear sky just after sunset so was finally able to spot Mercury, little blighter had been eluding me for weeks. Its amazing how much satisfaction you can get from spotting a tiny light in the sky.
  4. Nadgers! Well done to all who saw it.
  5. I have ordered a DSLR so wont have to do this much longer thankfully, the trouble I had getting the camera to line up with the view in the EP was unbelievable. Still pretty pleased with the result.
  6. Congrats, I have been trying to see Mercury for the past 2 weeks without success. Always seems to be cloudy on the western horizon around here at sunset. I'm not giving up till I have seen the little blighter though although it is comforting to know Copernicus had trouble too.
  7. Tell him to chase you through the courts for it and go get some lovely astro gear with your wedge!
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