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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I will try another reprocess tonight and see if I can get a more neutral colorbalance.
  2. Thank you Michael. Hmm, you think it´s a color calibration issue? At first I thought it was a flat frame issue but now I am unsure.
  3. Hello everybody. I just wanted to show a reprocess I did of one of my images from last year. The new one is processed in PixInsight and I must say, I am in love with PixInsight. Always thought "What difference can there be". Well now I know. And it´s huge. So here is a before and after. I didn´t restack the image, just a post-process.
  4. AstroAndy: Oh nice. I will check that out for sure. Thanks
  5. Thank you all 3 of you. James: Haha. Ye apature fever is a serious condition amongst amature astronomers. Perhaps we should make a public announcments about this illness?
  6. Finally I am up and running again after a dip in my motivation. I bought a Skywatcher 150 (F5) and I ran into a brick wall when it came to collimating. But now I kinda got it working. I do still have a few issues with the scope but for the moment I am happy atleast. Any and all comments are very welcome. So, on to the first real image with the new scope. Ring Nebula. Scope: Skywatcher 150/750 (f5) Camera: Atik 314L+ Exposure: L:44x180s R/G/B: 20x120s 2x2 Only used Bias frames (I have not gotten to fixing a way to make flatframes yet) Applicactions: Capture/Stacking: Nebulosity Post-Process: PixInsight Locaction: Malmoe, Sweden Cheers Peter
  7. Thank you Olly. First time I did any blending like this so was abit unsure how much you should do it.
  8. After more than 6 months away from this wonderful world I feel that I have gotten my enthusiasm back again. I started of with the Orion Nebula. This one is about 30x180s L, 10x180s RGB (binned) and about 40x20s for the center. Blended the center and the rest with Photoshop layermask. I did have some Ha aswell but framed that one wrong. It is taken from Oxie just outside Malmoe in Sweden. Equipment used: Heq5, Skywatcher ED80, Atik 314L+ and Baaders LRGB filters. I guided with a ST80 and a QHY5L-II. Now I did something wrong when I used Photoshops "Save for web and devices" so please forgive the blotchy quality.
  9. The galaxy was amazing. Never actually seen that one before. Two thumbs up.
  10. Wow, it sure has been a fun summer. There was a house on the local observatory that wasn´t used. So after some carefull "begging" I was allowed to use it. It ended with a complete rebuild of the pier in that little house. And now I had my First Light with the setup, and target of choice? Messier 31. This is my result. L:19x300s, R/G/B: 10x120s And here is before and after. It´s my father (who was the main architect behind this build) in the pictures. Before: After:
  11. Thank you Alexandra. Means alot coming from someone with your collection of awsome images.
  12. I have started to dabble abit in solarphotografy (in H-Alpha). Got bored waiting for darkness to come again. After many ups and downs, some images I more and less threw away I finally got this result. It´s a 33 piece mosaic (some of the panes were almost completly overlapping). Each pane is about 430 frames of which I stacked 10%. I used flats aswell. Equipment: Telescope: Lunt B600 H-Alpha Camera: QHY5L-II Color Mount: HEQ5 Software: -EZPlanetary (14bit capture mode) -PIPP (for tossing away the color) -AutoStakkert2! for stacking -Photoshop for touchups and stitching. I have 2 versions. One normal and one Inverted. Tips, tricks and comments are more than welcome. I wanna get better! The full size images can be found here. Normal: http://astrotise.com/20140709-Sun.png Inverted: http://astrotise.com/20140709-Sun_Invert.png
  13. You might already have your answers, but I´ll pop in aswell. I took this one using QHY5ii-L Color and a lunt60. http://www.astrotise.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/2014-05-25-SunHa.png
  14. No expert here at all and still learning myself but I can atleast say what I do. For exposure lenght I usally go with 600s and for focusing I use a babhtinov mask and after I finetune with Neulosity's fine focus.
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