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  1. Few nights ago I was showing my scope to my brother and his wife. They were very keen on seeing the moon and I nudged them in the direction of "a bright star" without telling them it was Saturn. Seeing the happiness of a proper "discovery" was something to behold as they were truly blown away by it all
  2. http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/gigapan/ I think its cool
  3. Absolutely beautiful. Apologies if already done http://boingboing.net/2014/01/09/time-lapse-video-shot-of-the.html
  4. Mzungu


    Hi and welcome!
  5. I saw it but wasn't able to do anything more than naked eye, so nothing more than a moving star for me. Still, along with the meteors, a good night
  6. You have every right to be very chuffed with that!
  7. Wahey. Saw 9 with 3 absolutely huge. With one of them I could have sworn I heard the fizzle etc... the trail seemed burned into the sky, took a few seconds to clear. Anyway, great night!
  8. clouds clouds clouds... It should clear in an hour, which is when the streetlights go off, so here's hoping for some better luck!
  9. I'd say fuill in the gaps and get a 15 or 18. Given your barlow, I'd say 15mm as you also get 7.5mm and it fills a gap. Its a lovely EP.
  10. Would suit someone as a grab and go pair perhaps?
  11. Well I took this out last night and its brilliant. The optics are in great condition and I was able to see a lot of detail. It was mostly the moon last night but not a bad way to spend some time outside. I set it up next to my dob for comparison, and while the image was darker it did stand up for itself. It takes noticeable mor etime to get it up and running though. The dob is put outside on a flat bit where this is "set up". The eyepieces are all clean except for the 4mm. I can still just about see through it but it looks like someone has wiped vaseline on the lens...I'll have a go at cleaning it, as at the very least it'll be a learning experience. The tripod is solid if a little wobbly, I think I'll fill it with sand/cement as suggested. Also, the mount had the common bent Alt bolt, so I've removed that and sorted it. All in all, I'm chuffed to bits with it. Thanks all for the advice.
  12. Given the price of these toys, and the fact its under warranty... I'd get in touch with the dealer before you even wave a screwdriver near it...
  13. I now dislike summer intently as it gets dark too late, and light too early! For example I woke up at 0400 this morning and its like daylight out there. Not good (though the dawn chorus was lovely) At this rate I'll have to get myself a PST
  14. Mzungu


    Hi and welcome. Lots to learn here. Enjoy the new scope. Very nicw!
  15. I've been to Gosport once. Welcome from Bristol :-)
  16. Tbh it's cheaper than another motorcycle so she doesn't complain too much. .. That said, she'd flip if I started on the televue stuff
  17. Hi all. It's a 120mm scope, lense is in good condition. A bit dusty but a light blast of air and very light brush sorted that. Came with a mixture of EPs. The 0.96 ones shown and a 10 and 25mm in 1.25. It is Impressive, very big. It takes up a lot more room than my dob. Now I just have to get my head around the mount. .. Thanks again for all the advice!
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