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  1. I live in north Wales place called Colwyn bay just moved to a new house and I'm well pleased. I have a massive back garden with no light pollution at all and a massive field which is pitch black. Went down the other night and wow I could do far into the milky way.
  2. Thanks for the help guys I've made my mind up and I've ordered the sky watcher explorer 200PDS EQ5 PRO
  3. I do look a lot at lunar and planets but wanted a better view thought if I get a 200p I could do that and then when I get my new camera can consantrate on dso s
  4. Thanks I'm using a Skymax 127 I do have a star traval 80mm but I'm selling that
  5. Hi people I have an spc900nc I've been trying to view the sun using the laptop but when I see the image it's really big. How do I fit the whole picture in view?
  6. Hey people thinking of getting a pst scope and wanted to know what kinda images would I be able to see with it? Any help would be great thanks..
  7. Hi people if I was to get a Eos 500d or 1000d do these have live view and bulb mode? Also what adaptors would I need to connect to a sky mak 127 and a skywatcher 80mm star traval? Not sure which way is best to connect it piggy back or through the eyepiece any help would be great
  8. No I've always used videos m8 you need to track the object
  9. For a quick answer stacking stacks all the images on top of each other bringing great detail.
  10. For astrophotography you need a good mount EQ3 a min. Good camera to have is one that has the bulb setting for a long exposure and a remote shutter button is a must. Make sure mount is aligned and sturdy. Recommend doing some research at what your going to be looking at. Registax 6 is good and gimp also. Photoshop is a nice program to have and I think the is one called cart de something which is good to know what your looking at.
  11. Nice one I watch a DVD about hubble the other week
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