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  1. I bought these for the shop and the workshop. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-T8-Tube-2-3-4-5-6-8ft-Fluorescent-Replacement-/321872983577? take the old tube out, take the old starter out and stick the new stuff in. My old tubes are failing so I am replacing them 2 at a time.
  2. We both booked the day off ages ago.If it's clear at home we will be watching through 130p and 200 dob with baader film and shooting video through TS70 and Lunt wedge with polarizing filter. If it's not clear here then we will be taking the TS70 on a bit of a road trip to find the sun and not worrying about imaging. Although I seem to remember having some spare Baader film somewhere so I could knock up a filter for the 1100d to take with us. I hadnt thought of having the SGL thingie on in the background, good idea.
  3. Hi, Make sure you get the moon timings right! We just spent a week in Iceland, lovely place, proper scenery. It was cloudy the whole time we were there but even if it had been clear we were just after full moon which would have washed things out a bit. Several companies offer coach trips out of Reykjavik to get out of the light pollution and if the forecast is bad they notify the hotels by 5pm and you can re-book without having to pay again. I am not sure what happens if you dont get to go on the tour before you have to go home??? So far we have tried Norway and Iceland and havent seen the lights yet Good luck with the hunt Chris
  4. I use the D-Link at the end of a 15m active usb ext cable for the Canon 1100d, AAF2 (diy motor focuser) and a VERY twitchy asi130mm It definitely needs power but it hasn't let me down yet C
  5. First Light for the focuser......and it all works! APT telling me its 0.5deg C outside, slewed to Betelgeuse and tried the autofocus. 2 mins later it was spot on. I LOVE this. Currently imaging M42 before it vanishes behind the house next door. Thanks again to everyone involved, this thing is awesome. Chris
  6. Wa Hey!! All built and tested on my SW130 (not the pds) Hopefully going to give it a field test later if it clears up A Big THANKS!!! to Dave and everyone else. Chris.
  7. Hi. All the bits arrived today so I am planning to get stuck in on Sunday. I am trying this on a SW 130p. Should be fun. Will report back.
  8. Themos, It would appear that my "neat freak" tendencies took over and I have deleted the images I took when aligning. As soon as I get another clear night I will re do it for you and send the images. Sorry. is it just the images you need? Chris
  9. Themos, will do. Just a note to anybody using APT with this, I was able to reduce file upload times and solve times by reducing the image quality in APT to "M". Local solving would be a great bonus but I am more than happy with the way it works. Chris
  10. YES!!! Now that I have the camera oriented as described above the "move" instructions make sense and I now have a polar alignment error of 0.54 arc min. I then started all over again, deleted my images and restarted PPA. I did the initial shots and checked alignment and it is exactly the same error. Ooo I am a happy chappie. Going to celebrate with a nice hot chocolate then off to bed. Themos, Thank You so much. Chris
  11. yup, thats what I did. if I have my camera that way round I get the horizon horizontal.
  12. Hi All, have done some checking this morning and it seems that the orientation of the dslr to the focuser does make a difference on a newt! I have now set the camera so that the base of the body is parallel to the tube / focuser knobs. This means that when i move the scope 90 deg from vertical / home I will have the long edge at the bottom and hopefully should now get results that make sense. D'oh. Chris. Piccy is one i found on the net, not my setup.
  13. Thanks Themos, I will test it out tomorrow as long as it doesnt rain. If it does make a difference I will post some piccys to demonstrate. Chris
  14. Dumb Question Alert! I am trying this with a canon1100d. Does the orientation of the camera with respect to the focuser make any difference? Things were going quite well last night but I seem to be having some mechanical difficulties with the mount. The software was wotking and solving quite nicely. Thanks Chris
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