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  1. girls..................... (being a girl myself i still dont understand em lol)
  2. mr telescope..........................................
  3. yeah i got a bit over excited too lol im so glad im not the only one lol
  4. well, my husband thinks im a geek and we all wear parker jackets and glasses! however my scope sits pride of place in our living room :0) (and i do have a parker jacket lol) and he does humour me by standing in the freezing cold looking thru my scope saying "yes dear, i see it" lol
  5. thanks, i am so pleased, managed to get some really fuzzy pics of it too with my mobile
  6. WOW! that is so impressive! well done! i got some pretty poor pics of saturn tonight with my mobile phone lol ur pics are awsome
  7. lol i was so excited at seeing the planet i didnt even think to look for the moons lol it is probably the best sight i have ever seen!!
  8. WOW!!!!!! ive waited so long to see saturn and now i finally found her!!!! i just had to share it with some1 lol im so happy, it is beautiful! im a bit of a newbie as u can prob tell lol and saturn has been the biggest on my list for ages! all my patience has paid off at last, i just want to shout it from the rooftops! ................... ok...... im calm now Thank u for listening lmao
  9. thanks siriusB. it was quite low in the sky then it clouded over:( but i will not give up lol
  10. yeah i got some good views of jupiter earlier and an okish view of venus then it clouded over :0( looks like its in for the rest of the night too.
  11. cool thanks! I just need a break in this evil cloud! Lol
  12. yeah saturn is next on my list not sure when will be the best time tho, its up so early in the morning at the mo and is so low on the horizon.
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