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    I have a few loves in my life, My little boy who is awesome in every way. I also love to go to the gym train in MMA and play poker.

    I also have a passion for languages and currently learning french
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  1. Nice one I have also been out early and got a great view of the moon and venus, I am just on the way back out see if i can grab more looks lol
  2. Thanks for the advise I have to walk for 5 mins for the best view so best i only take the camera
  3. Tomorrow before sunrise this little piece of magic is happening, possible view of a crescent moon/ Venus/ mercury /Saturn. I am still very new to this and managed views of Jupiter + 4 moons and working my way through the Moore winter Marathon so far. My question is what's the best method to view this scope or bino's or using a HD camera? Here is a link for how it will look HERE Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Getting warm after tonight star searching

  5. Can you imagine how big the b _ _ _ _ _ s will be
  6. I think this guy did't believe that the 10x50 or 15x70 bino's are quiet enough
  7. I have have had a couple of viewings with my new and first scope and so far so good My only problem i am finding is moving the scope to track objects while viewing the night sky, I am slightly heavy handed and really stuggle when i need to keep objects in my ep. Is there a handle or suggestion for my heritage 130p to help me move the scope smoothly while viewing ? Any suggestions would be great Thanks Chris
  8. I need to get a few bits as bought the scope 2nd hand from ebay and come with a 10mm ep and a adjustable ep 8-24. I have been told by my misses that i am not aloud to buy anything yet !!!! I ask why and she said " you never know what santa might bring you" so i have left a few websites open with what i want just incase . Top of the list is the Revelation Astro 2.5x Barlow followed by some basics like red led torch, books etc.
  9. Thanks for the nice comments from @ catweazel and RobP , @Astro imp thanks for the tip i give it a go tonight I think i am lucky as my street has really low lighting and after midnight there are not many house lights on, I am sure the reason is all my neighbors seem to be over 100 years old lol.
  10. part 2 I managed to get out for a 2nd attempt and still struggling with the 10mm ep. Other the other hand i did get to see the moon and got some pics with my 10mp camera straight on the lens no barlow. Here is 1 below ( best one lol )
  11. Thanks Biigazza yep it's great, my misses thinks it's a great hobby until tonight when i started using random bits of funiture to hold the scope lol. I check out the revelation barlow as i have heard the standard SW barlows are not so good.
  12. Hello All I managed to have a first attempt at viewing the night sky with my Heritage 130P. I managed to get a good view of jupiter full shape but no real colour/detail also the 4 moons. I will add at this stage i still don't own any x2 or 3x barlow yet so i think i am stuggling on the distance of my current eps. I switched to the 10mm standard lens and could see nothing but the little circle on the prim mirror. I used the scope on the moon last night and had perfect views with my adjustable eps and still to test the 10mm. I just think i am having all the typical newbie problems I am looking at some barlows now is there any recommended for the heritage 130p? Any help would be great Chris
  13. Thanks for the info i do like the desktop stella ( and the beer hehehe) I am due a mobile upgrade in a few weeks and could be moving on to a iphone5 from a samsung galaxy s, so i guess it depends on if i get a iphone5/ gaxaxy s3 lte or a htc 8x phone.
  14. We i am about 2 hours from finshing work so i thought it's a great time to look for more smart phone apps. I have found on the android store Stellarium and i was wondering if anyone has it or used it before ? If i am to get this it will join google skymap and also sky safari.
  15. Thanks Tingting for the nice comments and i can't wait to get started properly
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