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  1. phillc

    Hi from bath

    Hi Dean, just came across your post, lam not far from you in Mid/ Norton. The wife bought me a Sky watcher 130pm x 900 as a crimbo present. Do you know are there any astro clubs in our area phillc:wave:
  2. Hello and welcome TF Ratio :hello1: phillc :wave:
  3. phillc

    Hi from Somerset

    Can i take this opportunity to say a big thank you for such a warm welcome from you all. May we all get clear night skies phillc
  4. Hi and welcome Andrew :hello1: new here myself, they are a really friendly bunch. phillc :wave:
  5. phillc

    Hi all...

    Hi James and welcome to SGL from one newbie to another :hello1: Hope your scope arrives soon and is every thing your are hoping for. But you do know what will happen as soon as it arrives I'm sorry to say. May you have many clear night skies phillc :wave:
  6. phillc

    Hi from Somerset

    Thanks for the shop info John, yes I've been there a couple of times nice shop and friendly people. phillc
  7. Hello and welcome Paul :wave:I'm a newbie here myself and to astronomy so can't comment on your scopes but i hope the skies soon clear for you to start using the one you kept. I certainly enjoyed your first post. phillc
  8. Hi and welcome Paul, from one newbie to another :wave: phill
  9. Welcome Pete from a newbie :wave: Hope you have many years of enjoyment with your new scope. phillc
  10. phillc

    Hi from Somerset

    Sorry Geoff I've just lowered it again phillc
  11. phillc

    Hi from Somerset

    Not as pretty as the one on t.v kaptain, but as much canage if you beleave the local press. phill
  12. phillc

    Hi from Somerset

    Further north than you James, I'am from Midsomer Norton. phill :wave:
  13. Just a quick hello from a newbie, :wave: to check my sign up went ok, and get a first post in. Found this site through a link in Astro chat. After reading your posts which are very knowledgeable and friendly i thought I'd try to join in. I'm a returnee to astronomy after many years away due to work and raising a family which are now growing up, giving me more time to observe the night sky and money to get a beginners scope " Sky watcher 130pm x 900 reflector, to which I've just added a Ep Meade 4000 "9.7 mm" as i found the supplied 10mm ep the weaker of the two supplied. May you all have many clear night skies :hello1: phillc :wave:
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