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  1. Interesting albeit brief article on an upcoming NASA mission to study stars via the use of a balloon: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/upcoming-nasa-mission-payload-bearing-balloon-stratosphere/?utm_source=All+About+Circuits+Members&utm_campaign=fde62d9803-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_07_29_02_28&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2565529c4b-fde62d9803-270438757
  2. Dr Strange

    hi all newbie

    Hi and welcome to SGL.
  3. Hi and welcome to SGL.
  4. It is almost 50% of what you weigh. I would not recommend it. If you want a 11" SCT I would recommend the EdgeHD 11" OTA by itself. I would add the TEMPest fans from Deep Space Products to it. They cut the cool down time on the scope by about 50%. I am speaking from personal experience here. I find the scope is useable after about 30 minutes and by useable I mean the stars are not wooly flaring messy balls. And total cool down is about an hour. This is vs. the 2+ hours that it normally takes. I would mount the scope on a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6. That way you can use it in alt/az mode for visual and
  5. Dr Strange


    Welcome to SGL. I would strongly suggest the Skywatcher AZ-GTi and 130mm Newtonian package from First Light Optics. Link is below. It comes with everything you need to observe and can do both star hopping or GOTO. It is also well under budget at £359. I would use the extra funds budgeted to get a comfortable chair. It is for your eyes not your rear. You see more when comfortably seated. I would add to that the Pocket Sky Atlas from Sky and Telescope. It will act as your roadmap to the stars. Much like the Thomas Guide we used to use before the advent of GPS and the like. Lastly I would also g
  6. Are you buying the CG-5 used? It is no longer made by Celestron. It has been replaced by the Advanced VX mount. I have owned both and both will serve you well and are good mounts at their price point. As to a refractor there are a couple of options in your budget. If you would like to do visual as well as AP (Astro Photography) then a 120mm Skywatcher Evostar would be a great option on either mount. It is a bit slow for an imaging refractor but it can still be used to image and it does very well visually. It is also very affordable and has very good glass for a doublet. In the middle of your p
  7. There are a few things here that need to be pointed out. 1st, as Peter noted it is likely a combination of factors that lead to your disappointment. They would be: seeing conditions were likely poor; your friend likely didn't have the scope collimated well; the scope was not fully cooled; and your expectations. Visually it will never look like the pictures you see. Our eyes work "in the moment" meaning that when a photon hits our eyes that is what we see. A camera can leave the shutter open for as long as the user would like which means a much bigger amount of photons are gathered which m
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