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  1. Without a doubt it was Saturn, the sky was inky black, although Saturn was quite small it was perfectly formed, viewed through a small 70mm refractor...... what a sight Paul
  2. What a beast, nice to see something out of the ordinary. Is the tube balanced in your photograph ?. When I had my 150mm F8 I had to sit the tube further back in the rings to get it to balance with a stock focuser and volcano top ortho's. All the internet photo's of the F8 show it with the tube pushed forward in the rings but I could never balance mine in that way. Paul
  3. 50 pane :eek::eek: I have trouble with only one . Great detail showing through. Paul
  4. Thanks John for my only "Moon Fix" for this month. Not been out because it's just too low, too late and the sky is too bright. Nice work Paul
  5. This is excellent Brian and in only six panes. I must say big multi pane mosaic's are a little daunting and that's on the reasons I've not plucked up courage to try one. Paul
  6. John This is simply a "top drawer" image. I could sit and look at this for hours. Looking back, you have quite a collection of mosaic's Paul
  7. I have used a OMC140 in the past but at F14 my shutter speeds were too low so I could not get sharp shot using this Mak. I did have better luck with a Skywatcher 127 Mak with it being a smaller focal length and faster at F11.81. Paul
  8. Stu ~ I use a T ring adapter and screw this straight on to the end of my Refractor and use it as a BIG lenes. I have tried just pointing my compact camera at the eyepiece (afocal method) but I find it much easier using the direct (prime focus method). I use live view then take a shot, then rack the focuser in and out by a cats whisker and take another two shots. I find this gets me quite close to the focus point. For my shot I have used a 1000mm focal length telescope. Pete ~ Looks like you have hit the ground running with a visual on Saturn, Mars and a great first shot of the Moon, even better as it's a afocal shot which I find quite tricky to pull off. Russ ~ Now days I use a Helios 120mm F8.3 which I find is a better choice (handling wise) than the 150mm F8 I used to own although I do miss that extra 200mm reach. Paul
  9. Thanks Stu It was taken with a Nikon D90, this camera has replaced my Nikon D70. Paul
  10. Love this shot, especially the deep blue sky. Paul
  11. PaulG

    Moon & Venus

    Nice wide fields Stu. I dont normally like clouds but i love the second shot. I hardly have any shots like this, must have a go sometime. Paul
  12. I dont normally reply to my own quotes but......... i didnt spend last night snapping the Moon blanket cloud all over. After two years of looking skywards, I should of known better . Paul
  13. Hello and welcome to SGL. Exposure and contrast look good, it just looks a little out of focus but it's not that far off. Exposure and contrast can be tinkered with to a degree after the shot but if you don't nail the focus it can not be recovered later. Spending a little extra time on focusing will be the icing on the cake. Paul
  14. I don't mind at all Dave, in fact you beat me to it lol. I was looking at this today at work and i was thinking to myself, it looks too dark. It looks much better now that you have tinkered with it Dave. Thanks Ron & Bunnygod for your comments. Paul
  15. I've now managed three imaging nights in a row . After two years of snapping the Moon, this run of luck does not happen very often. I'll be gob smacked if it happens again tonight. A single prime focus shot taken with a Helios 120mm F8.3 Refractor & Nikon D90 combo.
  16. Hi Merlin For this shot I used live view for the very first time. I find this easier than looking through the view finder. Once I'm in live view I just tweek the focuser in and out by a whisker and this gets me alot closer to the focus point than ever before. It was shot at ISO200 and 1/50 of a second exposure time. I hope you both are keeping well, the CG-5 is still working like a dream. Paul P.S ~ Thanks to everyone else for your comments
  17. Lol ~ Amazing sight isn't it, it took my over 45 years to point my mince pies towards Saturn. For me it's become one of those "must do this in my life time" achievements. Paul
  18. Single prime focus shot from tonight. Paul
  19. Nice shot without blowing out the limb. I tried this last night but had to push the ISO to 320 and select 1/50 second exposure to get a reasonable shot. Paul
  20. Those are cool shots having Venus so close to the Moon. It was too early yesterday to grab a shot like that in the UK. Paul
  21. Thats an excellent image from a DSLR video. Paul
  22. Thanks for that, it all makes sense now. Paul
  23. I responded to another thread last week regarding this but the whole thread disappeared ? I thought it was 10 but I could be wrong ? Paul
  24. I would be surprised if a long 102 sat on a EQ2 would be stable enough. Sounds like you need a EQ3-2. I quite like the Helios brand of achromatic refractors (same as the Skywatcher) but with a much more durable paint finish (thick black glossy paint). From the 102 and upwards, it's quite easy to swap out the focuser for a nice crayford. Paul
  25. Russ That is a very good point about the GoTo version, which I have never given much thought to before. Paul
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