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  1. I guess quality speaks for itself John but unfortunately my pockets aren't very deep.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Nice to know that I'm not the only one to make minor adjustments to allow a snug fit.
  3. Bashed one in, crikey me and I was worried about using a firm push lol. Cant wait to heave the 150mm Evostar back on to the mount again soon.
  4. 4 years after buying a Sky-Watcher dual speed Crayford focusser, I decided to fit it to my Evostar refractor tonight. I got a bit of a shock when the new focusser would not fit inside the Evostar white collar. I ended up sanding the white paint away from the inside of the collar with some wet & dry sand paper. It now fits like a glove but is this normal to have to do this?
  5. Reallly nice image, lots of detail captured. Paul
  6. Thanks for your input everyone. I have now stripped and removed the dual speed assembley and even stripped down the fine focussing shaft still feels notchy. In between the notchy points it is dead smooth, I assume the locking ring has been set too tight by Skywatcher as the lock ring is held in place with glue. I will release the tension when I get a minute which should make the focusing smooth throughout its full rotation. Paul
  7. Just re read this thread and I'm not explaining the symptoms correctly. What I meant to say is, the fine focussing knob is notchy three times in one rotation, not every third rotation. I hope this makes more sense now. Paul
  8. Just purchased a Skywatcher 2" dual speed crayford, the glossy black CNC one. I've got the hang of adjusting the tension and have given it a dummy run (off the telescope) with DSLR attached, to check for slippage......all ok so far. Now the thing that is boggling me is that every third rotation of the fine focussing knob it feels notchy?. Now before i strip it down into a thousand pieces, should it be like this or is something too tight?. Thanks Paul
  9. This must be the biggest understatment I've read all year "I think came out ok" ....... this is simply JAW dropping Nick. Paul
  10. As usual prime focus single shot taken with Nikon D90 and Helios 120mm F8.33 Refractor.
  11. That bit made me smile. Excellent work, breath taking detail. Paul
  12. Excellent work Jon, dont know who Lucy is but a great image all the same. Was this taken on Monday night, looks very close to a shot i took. Paul
  13. WOW excellent image. I dont even have to reach for my reading glasses to see the detail. Paul
  14. Franck That is a superb image and a killer equipment combination. It's as crisp as a bag of Walkers. Paul
  15. I really like the first shot, the squashed hedgehog (Mare Crisium) is showing loads of detail. Paul
  16. WOW this is excellent . I've captured a 737 before but this takes it completely to another level. Paul
  17. Looks like you had a great night at the Xmas party. I'm another paid up member that was in the dark with details of the party. It might be better next year to list it in a thread. If the price of the meal doe's not come out of the dark site members funds, doe's it matter if you are a paid up member or not to enjoy a Christmas meal with other like minded EMS group members ?. If the same communication method is used to collect subs, then it could be detrimental to EMS. Paul
  18. Excellent shot, the first one is more pleasing to my eye. Focus looks bang on, very natural looking without over sharpening the image. Paul
  19. That's a great start. The focus is not that far off. Focussing for me takes up 90% of my time when Moon shooting. Pointing the scope in the right direction and setting the expsosure is a piece if cake in comparision. Paul
  20. Blimey Charlie this is good. I could spend hours crater hopping. Paul
  21. Very nice image Alan. When you can make out the central peaks in Copernicus and detail around the crater wall, you know that you have nailed the focus..... spot on. Paul
  22. This is excellent, loads of fine detail resolved. Paul
  23. Last time i updated Stellarium i had to buy a new PC. The old one was waaaay tooooo sloooow to run V9.
  24. PaulG


    Great hand held capture. I have a D90 & 55-300 combo and I dont think i could achieve this shot. Paul
  25. Welcome aboard Craig from another Ikea localite. Paul
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