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  1. Cheer's guy's, plenty to chew over there. My rig will be in operation from dusk to dawn, so I've got to get this right. I was thinking of one of these http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4963_Power-supply-13-8-V---6-A-max----stabilized--for-high-loads.html
  2. I have an observatory so it's the transformer I'll need then, thanks.
  3. So I also need a mains supply to the cigarette plug, Cheers.
  4. Hi all, I'm going to purchase a dew controller, probably a standard kendrick dual controller with 2 channels and 4 outputs. My question is, is it absolutely necessary to use the fused cigerette lighter plug? Are there other options? Thanks for any responses.
  5. Skywatcher also do replacement focusers for their scopes: https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/Products/Sky-Watcher_Focuser_for_.html
  6. Hi Dave, The stock focuser (GSO) on my RC8 was always slipping, but that's with a ccd, filter wheels and cables hanging off it, so I upgraded. I read somewhere that some guy tightened his so much that the housing cracked! They are partly made of plastic... My big frac was a new scope after the change up the the Baader
  7. Hi Dave, When I upgraded I got the Baader Steeltrack, handled anything I hung on it. The GSO's would be great for visual work, but you might get slippage if you are imaging, especially aiming toword the zenith.
  8. Hi James, You want to match your CCD with the scope you'll be using. Also bear in mind the quality of sky you genrally get too. You want to aim for around 1.5 arcsec/pixel. Another decision is weather you get a ABG or NABG CCD (anti blooming or non anti blooming) NABG CCDs have no 'drains' so their QE 'quantum efficiency) is higher.
  9. Welcome mate, Clear skies.
  10. It's coming along great. It's around this time in my build that I fitted hooks inside incase of bad weather.
  11. Agreed, get down on the coast on a clear, moonless night Swift. Summer weekend camping trips with a big Dob, great fun. Join a club down there that'll have good sites and good skies.
  12. Interesting thread guy's. Gotta say, if anyones contemplating photometry, these 'scopes are superb. A dew shield is essential and care should be taken on the ballance on the mount. Clear skies.
  13. Interesting project. 'Cloud sourced data' seems to becoming increasing popular. I'm participating in my second one at the moment: https://edocs.uis.edu/jmart5/www/barber/ASASSN-14il.html There's about a dozen of us providing photometric data on a supernova recently found in Cetus.
  14. Hi Stu, "I got it from SkySafari because the designation R Cygni did not register on the AAVSO site" When searching for stars on the AAVSO site, just use the 3 letter abbreviation of the constellation, Cyg. Clear skies.
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