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  1. I have the 150p which I used to use on the eq3 but have now changed to a giaz giant mount head. Have only used it a few times and so far have not missed the slo mo controls, if anything a slight blessing as they were a bit of a pain at times, trying to find them in the dark and being out of reach etc. As for tracking had it up to 188x on the moon with not too much trouble though more practice needed. Over all pleased with it. Paul
  2. Have had a close look and a measure, and think it's the right size and thread, and looks like it should go in but just doesn't. Seems to get stuck on the first thread. Annoying .
  3. It seems that an m12 is bigger than an m10 so maybe I need an m8 or something? Paul
  4. Tripod centre bolt. Thanks triton1 will google that also. Paul
  5. Thanks ronin. Have emailed 365 about the problem. I take it that m12 are smaller than m10? Will look around for them on the Internet. Thanks Paul
  6. Hello all. I have just received this lovely mount head http://www.365astronomy.com/365Astronomy-Giant-Alt-Azimuth-Telescope-Mount-Head-ONLY.html but when I try to attach it to my eq3 tripod legs it doesn't attach! The base fits into the recess fine but when I go to put the screw in it doesn't fit, it seems too big. I think the size of the eq3 tripod screw is m10. Does anyone know what size screw should fit GIAZ head mount? And can they be obtained? Any help much appreciated Paul
  7. Well I've never owned the eq2 but have owned the eq1 and the eq3, and from memory they are not the same. So I would say no they are not. Not sure if that helps. Paul
  8. Haven't had many mounts but the best one so far is my current eq3. The worst one so far was the one that came with the astromaster 90mm I brought without really thinking anything through.
  9. Thank you Alan and nightfisher for your advice, I do try and take things on board but am still tempted by the GIAZ mount. As for compatability with my eq3 tripod I think it will work. I was reading a thread about what mount head works with what tripods, and after reading the specs on the GIAZ I measured the diameter of the hole that will take the base of the GIAZ and its about the same size so it should fit...Hopefully. I do want an alt azimuth mount I just can't decide on what type. Thanks Paul.
  10. Also, sorry, the slow mo controls can end up on the wrong side making them difficult to reach or find which can be frustrating so having a mount without them is appealing. Just nudge.
  11. Also will looking at the zenith be a problem for the 150p on the az4?
  12. I did see that the az5 but I think I'm starting to be drawn towards the giro type tmounts. I think it's the took and the design of them that I like. Having looked at pictures of the original skytee they are very similar. But I could get the az4 with the ally legs and sell them on and use the head on my eq3 legs? Thanks Paul
  13. The reason I want to go from eq to az is that I do mainly visual and I don't think that eq mounts are really cut out for that, things can end up in awkward positions especially the 150p. Also star hopping can be a bit zig zag . The clearance thing is interesting would I have the same problem with the giro type mount? Thanks Paul
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