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  1. Perhaps a compromise would be to buy the Canon IS and use the money saved to employ someone to worry about the batteries for you.
  2. This is a good site if you're interested in the Canon IS binos. http://garyseronik.com/review-canons-image-stabilized-binoculars/
  3. I love mine. They are quite heavy which has never bothered me but I don't travel with them.
  4. Thanks for that. I'd be tempted if they weren't so expensive. Quite a jump from the existing models.
  5. I came across them looking on amazon for IS bins in the hope of finding a bargain. I think they're very very new as I do that quite often (having once got an as new pair of the 15x50s for around £400 from Amazon Warehouse!) and this is the first I've seen. Their current release date is end of November. From the amazon listing these are all going to be well over £1000 so you might have made the right choice after all. I'm pleased that they're still developing the range. Some of the existing models are getting on a bit now.
  6. That would be fantastic. I've got the 50mm and I love them but using them can be a bit like steering a ship through a stormy night.
  7. Looks like we have three new Canon IS bins arriving in November (date according to amazon). 10x32, 12x32 and 14x32. An odd range! https://www.canon.co.uk/binoculars/choosing-by-model/ I'd love to know whether the IS is significantly improved but can't really see that any would tempt me. Maybe the 10s if priced right and are an improvement on the current 10x30 IS ii.
  8. I ordered these today from 365Astronomy. A house warming present for myself - I'm getting my first garden on Friday and it's as dark as suburban Sheffield gets. I thought they might be an acceptable alternative to the Vixens and Kinglux mentioned in other threads (cheaper than the Vixens and sold from the UK unlike the Kinglux). I'll post a mini review when I've given them a go although I don't have anything similar to compare. There are detailed reviews and comparisons online but I'll confess they're too technical for me. If I can sit back on a dark night and see wide views of stars that I can't see with the naked eye I'll be happy. Anyone know anything about them?
  9. I'd really like the spotter scope but none of my local Aldis know anything about it.
  10. Thanks for the posts. I'm really tempted by these. I've got the 15x50 IS bins but they're a bit heavy for walking/travelling. Hope you have fun!
  11. 299 does seem like a bargain and I can't see any difference worth the extra hundred quid for the 2nd generation. Will have to see whether my car gets through its MOT!
  12. I'd be really interested to know if you find anything about or have any experience with the new models. I'm pleased that Canon are still committed to the IS range. I've been tempted by the 10x30s for ages and am now very tempted.
  13. The new version of the IS 10x30s are now available for the first time in the UK (that I've seen). http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00XX6A9XQ/ref=dra_a_rv_lb_hn_it_P1400_1000?tag=dradisplay0bb-21&ascsubtag=6869606e7acc59cb4cfe3a90d8627818_S From Germany and £100 more than the originals, but if you like to have the latest thing they might interest. I posted about these before and it's difficulty to see what's different apart from better battery life, presumably due to greater efficiently. I've seen mention that the new version uses computer processing to help with the IS. Does that mean that the old version just uses clever gyroscope wizardry?
  14. I have the 15X50s and I love them. I've never had a problem with mine but I've read that if they go wrong the cost of repair is high. I've only had mine for a year but I bought them second hand. I've no idea about horizontal storage. I store mine vertically without any apparent ill effects. They take some getting used to. You need to hold them fairly steady to get a sharp image. This take practise because you don't get the usual visual feedback as you move about. When you get the knack the views are amazing. I've had more moon viewing pleasure with the IS than with any other bins of scope.
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