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  1. Hi all, In order to keep the bots at bay and to keep track of CSOG downloads, I have added a registration and login page to the website. All that is required to download CSOG content is a username and a password. Cheers, Victor
  2. After 3 1/2 years of work, I published the new edition of my Clear Skies Observing Guides, CSOG 2.3. On my new website clearskies.eu. There are 14 new editions in CSOG 2.3: Holmberg Double and Multiple Galaxies Minkowski Nebulae Parsamyan Cometary Nebulae Klemola Groups and Clusters of Southern Galaxies Raab open clusters Basel open clusters Herschel 3 LMC Regions Markarian’s Chain Grus Chain Fornax Galaxy Cluster galaxies Eridanus Cluster galaxies Dorado Group galaxies Sculptor Group galaxies Click h
  3. CSOG 2.2 is here - http://www.clearskies.eu/blog/csog-2-2/ Enjoy :-)
  4. CSOG is back. It's free. Enjoy. www.clearskies.eu
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