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  1. Hi James I was planning to make the mirrors too but I thought it may be a bridge too far. How much would it cost us to make our own 6 or 8 inch mirrors? Would you be able to offer us support? I would not know where to begin!
  2. They texted me today saying that they will deliver tomorow. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for all of this. I bought 200, 130 and 114mm mirror kits from astroboot. I paid £210 for all three kits. I'm also over the moon with the offer that Peter has made and although I work in Skipton I live close to his location. It's an enrichment activity that I decided to offer in my school. I'm also Assistant Headteacher there. We are doing this project from September on Wednesday afternoons, so by the time scopes and mounts are made it should be going dark earlier. I'm also planning for the kids to take them home at times. I'm also in contact with Keighley Astronomical Society and I've v
  4. Thanks very much for this. I'll also update my profile. I'm in Bingley, West Yorkshire.
  5. Hi there I've got 15 students for 2 hours every fortnight. I wanted to give them an introduction to astronomy and help them to build a Dobsonian telescope. I was working on the idea of using a 200 primary mirror but they are so expensive. I do have a budget but it's only £450. Recently I've been thinking of buying a 150 scope from eBay and recycling the mirrors and eyepieces from that for the project. Anyone got any ideas or advice? Andrew
  6. I'm on the edge of Baildon Moor. Any suggestions as to the darker areas around here from those who know would be appreciated. Regards Andrew
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