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  1. Something to add to my list. Stellarium is a lil bright on my laptop at night and thumbing through a paper copy is so much more fun. Cheers guys!
  2. Hey, I started out this way and I found at 200mm I could manage 2.3 seconds,I also used 6400iso and stacked several hundred images in DSS. It's a long and time consuming process but you'll be surprised what you can achieve. WWW.12GSuper.deviantart.com/art/Orion-Nebula-269998164 (thats qhat i managed on Orions nebula) I then bought a 200mm scope on an EQ5 mount started hand tracking shots. Feel free to have a browse on my page and see what you could do.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, does the heat rising add to atmospheric retraction or something? Not having a significant town nearby i avoid this sort of thing.
  4. I couldn't see it with my 8" scope last night because of the moon. My skies are pretty dark and I've found it fairly easily on a moonless night. The light pollution certainly won't help, but try when the moons not so close.
  5. Beautiful images. Really glad to see Saturn back in relatively sensible times. Interesting to see the colour changes on the images. Really great details thought.
  6. A good start! Certainly better than my first try! Keep at it. You'll notice improvements with every image.
  7. Raelly nice, stunning red colour! I hope I can acheive this good for my first attempt!!
  8. I know I'm repeating what everyone else has said so far but WOW!!! Thats unbelievable, I never thought it'd be possible to pick up so much detail!
  9. Nice job, starts to resolve some nice detail in the dust lanes. Looks way better than my first attempt at this guy!
  10. Signed and passed to all my friends. It was at 1015 when I signed. Long way off still.
  11. Hi guys. I'm generally new to "proper" astronomy, but I've owned a scope a long time. I was wondering if anyone is anywhere near Hartside pass and fancied meeting me and a few friends for an evenings explore of the heavens? I suggest here because its halfway between me and my friends and its got plenty of parking and reletively low light polution If no one is interested that's fine, but if anyone is, lets arrange a night Take it easy guys and clear skies.
  12. This thread inspired me and a friend to find this one night when we met up. Was surprised how small it was, and amazed at how bright it was. Took a while to find because we were looking for something a lil bigger, but still well worth the view. Thanks
  13. Hi Dave, I tried with my D90 a while ago and found I get a much smaller image that with even a crappy webcam. I think its all about sensor size in that respect. Give it a go though, worst you can do is get a smaller image. I also found that registax took a huff at HD .avi and took forever to process. In my opinion a webcam is a better option but if you don't have one, try your Canon.
  14. Totally stunning, a really beautiful capture
  15. I'm seriously impressed, a lil trailing but I'd be really happy with this! Great job, I understand your temperature woes, was -5 here the other night, my scope was just as frosty.
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