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  1. Looking good so far Daniel, keep up the good work buddy!
  2. I may add in a good as way possible for a salty seadog
  3. Well Squeaky, as you've come to learn...If you dont like my coffee...Make your blumming own sir!!! hahaha
  4. Hi all, Im in Lowestoft but split my time between home and a caravan site that has dark skies near Ipswich. Ive been trying to sort out a get together for some time at the campsite but to date only Squeaky has been and we get together regularly. Its a shame as the site is quite good and I'll let Squeaky tell you for himself. The site does have a day/night visitor fee of a bank breaking 2quid but I think thats fair enough as you are using their site afterall. warmth food and drink are provided by myself and my caravan certainly has a 'all is welcome' approach. The site is easily accessed f
  5. How did you mount this Bob? Did you manage to do it without damaging the OTA? Be interested in the details please
  6. Further to my other obviously disliked quote which incidently is put out lightheartedly.....A happy solider is a moaning soldier, the same applies.....A happy British Astronomer is a moaning Astronomer....They go hand in hand together, we're a happy bunch really!! Even when Ive spoken to our counterparts overseas face to face, they moan as much as we do....It truly is part and parcel of the hobby!! I'd be lost without something to moan about Chris
  7. I wasnt having a go Mick, lighten up buddy!!
  8. Yet again another first class experience with FLO. It was late at night and I was rather sleepy and placed an order for a Telrad and LPR Filter. Due to being tired I didnt realise the Telrad was out of stock and mistakenly ordered a 2'' filter. First thing the following morning after realising my error I emailed FLO about changing the order for a 1.25 filter. Martin was quickly on the case and changed the filter size and also alerted me to the fact of the Telrad being out of stock and on back order which I had no problem with. Not only did he despatch the filter immediately I was also surprise
  9. Ive come to the point were I refuse to think about things in too much detail. Whenever I sit and ponder the shopping list just grows and grows. Im now faced with a dilema of either getting shot of my little Revelation 80mm or turn it into a guidescope...but then theres the problem of mounting it...rings or dual vixen bar? Then theres the actual guidecam itself....dedicated or webcam?...Hmmm what software....Sheesh this is just an example and see.......You've set me off Chris
  10. Classic Army saying that really applies to Astronomy in the UK is ''Put up & Shut up'' If your not prepared to move to another country then may I refer you to what Ive just said.......No point moaning but then again........I moan all the time about the cloud cover, rain, wind and clear skies when Im not at home with my kit Chris
  11. I knew there was a reason to keep hold of the Xbox wired controller for pc.....Now to just spend a bit of time tinkering as Ive never used Eqmod or the Ascom platform before!!
  12. I think its a lovely idea and no doubt time will tell. Furthermore I agree that the requirements are spot on, even though I dont have enough to start advertising some of my kit just yet!!
  13. Thats the badger, Thanks very much for that. For some odd reason when I googled it, it didnt show any results but after a shutdown it magically started to present results. Me thinks I may just order one and have a tinker!!
  14. The black foam square is not needed, its just a sticky bit of foam and tbh had no idea where this went as it wasnt in the instructions and so far have never had a need of such an item. The cigar ligther cable is easily sourced as is the pc connector cable via ebay. As for the brass gears....I have no idea how to source these other than the channels you've already suggested other than either of the UK or USA Astro Buy & Sell and ask the seller to ship to SA. Sorry I cant be of further use!! Hope you find your gears. Chris
  15. Would be interested to see your results Starnut, sounds interesting and different. regards, Chris
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