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  1. Hi Guys My riig is as follows Tak FSQ85 focal length 450 mm Aperture 85mm with standard TAK focuser active draw tube length 497 mm Focuser Senso 2 resolutiom 0.7 Microns Camera ASI 183 Mono Pro Pixel size 2.4 microns From Calculations and Tables I have derived the following Critical Focus Zone = 72 Microns One focus step = 11 microns With the above rig the best auto focus I can get using NINA is between 4 and 6 FHW with a 15 step spacing between curve focus points Using empirical focuser step calculation methods the step size is indicated to be 35. I would like to get a better focus than between 4 and 6 Am i over thinking this Advice welcome
  2. I have a CEM25P any body have any practical experience of maximum all up payload for imaging. I would like to push it to about 10Kg ?? Thanks Peter
  3. Hi billhinge Check out the Feathertouch page in us for explanation of all the adaptor types and sizes for their focusers and which scopes they fit. Telescoope service in Germany have a good stock of Feathertouch focusers. And or their own brand of rack and pinion focusers Peter
  4. woodsie

    Qhy9 or Atik383l+

    Hi Proto Star I have an ATIK 383L+ Mono works Fine. Doesnt have lens cover but its been well looked after. Price 800 Sterling . Peter
  5. Hi Ant Have a look at this company they sell some good stuff https://www.mini-box.com/site/index.html Peter
  6. Hi Marco Yes i can sell it to you. My e mail address for paypal is woods.p@hotmail.com. The price is 130 pounds sterling courier paid. Please include any paypal charges. For the courier I will need your delivery address e mail address and telephone no. Regards Peter Woods
  7. Hi I use a Linear Fast Reverse mount currently running synscan, A couple years ago I bought a stargo system and replaced the synscan panel with it. I was using a QSI camera at the time and was particularily interested in the X solver function in StarGo but inspite of a lot of help from avalon and a newer version of StarGo i still had problems. Perhaps it was me who knows anyway I switched back to synscan. There have been lots of software up dates in 2 years and i am tempted to have another go with StarGo. Does anybody out there have any uptodate experience of the StarGo system Any help would be appreciated I imply no criticsm of Avalon who I think are a worthy and reliable company. Woodsie
  8. Hi Guys I want to fit a Senso 2 focuser to my Tak Baby Q. Can any body confirm the diameter of the focuser drum bearing under the big adjustment knob where the Senso 2 fixing clamp mus be attached to Thanks Woodsie
  9. Hi nebula Pegasus astro Mk1 ultimate power box 6 x USB2 1xusb A computer connection 4xpower outlets 2xDew heater outlets 1 x Focuser Controller outlet 1xMotor focuser control cable 1xPower Cable Price £300 postage included Peter
  10. Hi Danon Brand new CEM 25P purchased August 2019 for sale due to change in plans . Never used just set up and tested with metal box and 2 inch Tripod shipment by courier to Poland included 800 Euros payment by paypal. woodsie
  11. Hi Proto Star I have tried ASI studio and yes it works ok but Its a remote obs so I need SGP ect. I took you advice and have bought refurbished desktop with i5 and 16 meg ram woodsie
  12. Hi Proto Star Thanks for the helpful reply woodsie
  13. Hi Brown Dwarfe I am back on W& where the problem is and I am using the ASCOM drivers Peter
  14. Advice Needed I recently swiched over to CMOS using 183MM pro and 120 mini guide camera . I installed a new windows 10 Pro stick computer and all the drivers required by ZWO both the cameras worked ok but the installation with the stick as a whole was very flaky. Since its a remote set up this was obviously not good enough' I reverted to a previously used W7 Pro computer which overall is better but the cameras dont connect properly in SGP and PHD2 cannot see the guide cam. I checked and reinstalled all the drivers and the sit is the same Any ideas Peter
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