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  1. Thinking of letting my CN8 tube go as they are fetching a good price on UK astro buy and sell at the moment. Anyone interested Bargain at £10K? http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=105549
  2. Thanks for this UK link I will check it out and see if they have them in stock. There didn't seem to be any images of spares when I checked it out but the description seems correct and the GT CG5 is basically the same as my mount but with goto. Thanks to everyone who posted a suggestion, much appreciated.
  3. Sorry to cause confusion. I did need the alignment pin but I have now screwed a M8 bolt in place of a pin, which has the top section unthreaded. Because the new pin is narrower than the original post, which had a wider rectangular upper section for the adjustment screws to push against. There is little adjustment left now in the original adjustment bolts. I therefore need longer adjustment bolts to give me more throw, if that makes sense.
  4. Thanks guys. Charic thanks for the link finding a source for the correct part, I looked for ages and didn't find this. I have ordered some longer bolts now at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121703584614?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT so they should sort the problem for even less £3.81 I may order the correct part from the US though even so as I do like things to be right. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks guys. I had a bolt as you describe so have cut it down. It works but the adjustment bolts are a little short short because the original pin had a square section. There is only a small amount of adjustment. I will have to get some longer bolts now I guess!
  6. I wonder if anyone can help me locate a replacement azimuth pin. I have stupidly managed to break the pin to my CG5. Hadn't realized how soft the metal thread is and was a little rough mounting the head onto the tripod. I have trawled the web but drawn a blank. I am hoping that I wont have to pay to have one machined up. Is the CG5 pin the same as a SW EQ5 pin if I manage to find one? Has anyone else been able to find a replacement? Suggestions gratefully received.
  7. Yes I am sure it is. Looking at the website there have been some improvements and changes. Voyager has been included leaving the Solar System since I went on the ride.
  8. What do folks think about the idea of 13 Zodiacal Constellations. I got thinking about this because Ophiuchus is behind the Sun from the end of November into December, far longer than for Scorpio which the Ecliptic only grazes. As a beginner I never included it when learning the constellations as it wasn't a sign of the Zodiac, it is not easy to trace and I also couldn't pronounce it! There is often something interesting, Solar System wise, going on in the Constellation and many others have suggested adopting it into the Zodiac in the past. I am just raising it again as it is a source of confu
  9. Fantastic movie, really enjoyed the way it was put together. Thank you for sharing. Anybody out there planning a trip to York we have a 'to scale' Solar System set out on the York to Selby cycle track. Last time I did the ride it was intact other than someone had stolen Pluto out at Riccall near Selby. This was before the Astronomical Union made their decision, so maybe the thief knew something we didn't. Anyway if you live in York or ar visiting with a bike, the model gives you a great perspective of the distances involved. You are very quickly through the inner Solar System then the peddlin
  10. Celestron 925 on CGEM. My first attempt with my new colour ZWO ASI camera with 2x barlow. Would appreciate any advice about settings for those who use this camera as I am sure that I can improve a great deal on these first attempts. Anyway I am quite pleased for a first go as I have managed to catch Europa starting its transit something I never achieved with my trusty Philips! Thanks for looking. 20_22_02B.bmp 20_56_18H.bmp
  11. There is an article in January S@N magazine giving more details about what they are getting up to if you were thinking of buying a copy.
  12. Many thanks guys for your time. You have reassured me that it is a cooling down matter and not a problem with the optics. I am just getting used to the scope as I had an archromat before getting this, so I didn't have any of this to cntend with. I think I am not leaving the scope long enough before checking the collimation, although I would say that I had left it more than an hour last night as I set up while it was still light. Having said that the temperature did drop considerably last night so I guess the scope was always trying to catch up. I am convinced from what has been said that it is
  13. I was wonder is someone with the same set-up as me can tell me if this effect is normal for a Celestron 9.25 SCT. I have not had the telescope long so I am still getting used to setting up. I check the collimation before starting each session and have noticed that 2 dark lines are apparent when I have centred the star within its Airy disc. They are like the hands of a clock and quite well defined. Any thought as to what is causing this. I was wondering if the Bob's Knobs are too tight and are causing distortion of the secondary but I cannot find any examples on the internet of this effect to b
  14. OK, so try some of the 'Camping and Caravan Club' Certificated Location SItes. If your not in the Caravan Club you could only have stayed on the commercial sites not the CL's which are for members only. The big sites always have too many lights. You need to try out the CL sites. They are very small and privately run, and are just affiliated to the nationally run organisations. Check out their websites and look for certificated locations. They are always cheaper than the commercial sites too.
  15. The Caravan Club has affiliated sites called Certificated Locations. The Camping and Caravan Club do also. Most of these are in rural locations and only allow a maximum of 5 vans on the site at one time. Most are run as sidelines and are located on farms and many are very dark at night. I always take the scope with me when we go away. Some are not great as many farms are now putting security lights up, but many are still good for observing. Do you use a tent or a caravan? If a caravan, then get yourself into the caravan club and try out their CL sites. p.s. I don't work for the Caravan Club.
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