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  1. Hi, Ed. I also recently suffered from a runaway slew in right ascension. This was the second time in two and a half years that this occurred. I tore my hair out over the problem the first time, using well-meaning suggestions from the Yahoo CGEM forum members. After much experimenting, such as you did, and needlessly spending money on parts I didn't need, I ultimately fixed the problem by replacing the entire RA motor unit. This all happened again a couple of weeks ago. Without hesitation, I ordered a new motor unit from Agena AstroProducts. Unbelievably, they delivered it in two days! By the way, I took apart the old motor unit and saw no obvious damage. The gears and the encoder looked okay, but who knows what could've happened to the tiny circuit with sensor? I'm not familiar with the policy of this web site about contacting someone directly via email. If you can determine that, I'd be willing to offer more suggestions and photos.
  2. I recently purchased a Baader Neodymium Moon and Skyglow filter for use as a light pollution filter and contrast enhancer from my rural New Hampshire location. So far, I've attempted imaging a couple of deep sky objects and found that the filter caused an over all reddening of the image. When I re-imaged without the filter, the redness disappeared. Attached is an image of M57 taken a couple of nights ago. Any thoughts about this redness? Is this filter meant only for visual use? Is it meant only for increasing certain details only on planets and the Moon? PS: Yes, I know that the image is not in focus. ?
  3. Thank you all for your advice and encouragement. I finally found the compatibility troubleshooter by typing "compatibility mode" in the Search bar. I then simply had to enter the file name to get the process going. Wow, what a relief! It's a wonder I hadn't torn all of my hair out. Everything tested out okay. However, what happened to that nice lady's voice?
  4. I'm familiar with Astronomy Shed, and I've watched both of Dion's SharpCap tutorials over and over again. His tutorial assumes that one already is familiar with the concepts of gamma, gain, etc. I'll have to do lookups on those specific terms. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. Hello, all you SharpCap users. I've recently purchased a ZWO ASI120MC camera and have downloaded SharpCap software as recommended by ZWO. Not having done sophisticated astro-imaging other than a few snapshots with a DSLR camera, I'm unfamiliar with the terminology used in the SharpCap software. Where can I go online to find a tutorial on the use of SharpCap, specifically on how to make the adjustments for gamma, gain, exposure, frame rate, etc.? Thank you. By the way, my equipment is basically a 10" home-built Newtonian on an Astrola mount and a 5" refractor on a CGEM mount.
  6. Yes, please, someone say he's had luck with the SCB2000 and share your experience! I'm on the verge of investing in one.
  7. bigZ

    SCB2000 or 4000

    Good evening, Brown Dwarf. I'm here because I'm also trying to determine which video camera to buy. So far, the Samsung SCB2000 seems to be a good place to start -- not too much to inve$t just to try it out. Good luck!
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